Andrey Arshavin: London is so damned expensive compared to Spain

Ollie Irish

23rd, October 2009

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“I can’t even afford long sleeves. Sheesh.”

The Meerkat, speaking to brilliantly named Russian website ‘Bobsoccer’ about life in London, had a good old moan about the high cost of living:

“On one hand I love it, on the other, I haven’t said anything about the difficulties.

“In Spain, for example, everything seems easier. England, in general, is different from many European countries in terms of lifestyle and mentality.

“In domestic terms I confess it is difficult. They say that a foreigner only adapts to London after living there for a year, so I still have three months left.

“Here you have to pay every step of the way. Sometimes I have to shell out to breathe.”

Yeah, £70k a week doesn’t go a long way, does it? Sympathy levels = low.