Photos: West Ham 2-2 Arsenal, Premier League

Ollie Irish

26th, October 2009


A depressingly familiar story for Gooners: Arsenal coasting in the lead, blatantly superior to their opponents… their players switch off, BANG… BANG, two goals conceded and two precious points chucked away. “Sickening” – that’s how Arsene Wenger described the result.

Arsenal should have won this match 5-1, or something like that; instead they took their foot off the accelerator, allowing West Ham to rescue a point from what appeared to be a certain defeat.

Fair play to Franco Zola for bringing on Alessandro Diamanti. The lively Italian, who might turn out to be the club’s next Paolo Di Canio, created the first goal form a free-kick and scored the equaliser from the penalty spot. His emotional celebration will only endear him to West Ham fans.

Photos of the match below:


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Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas (left) and West Ham United's Herita Nkoongolo Ilunga (right) in action

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  1. englandsnumber6 says:

    Who wrote those lies at the top of the page, what deluded fool thinks it should have been 5-1 to the Arse? i was at the game you obviously were watching a video of a different game, apart from two gifted goals because of goal keeping errors, west ham had all the play and had we not given you a two goal start would have most certainly had won this match with consumate ease. no wonder you havnt won anything for years, deluded purists who dont know what to do if you dont win, oh yes actually you do ,, whinge and whine .

  2. Ollie says:

    Well, in first two-thirds of match, Arsenal totally dominated. That’s what my eyes saw, anyway. Sorry if you see it differently.

  3. Groan Steet says:

    The West Ham squad will be so p***ed off after reading this article that they will dedicate their season to finish above the gooners in the table, and you’re a deluded fool if you don’t believe it !

  4. Darren says:

    Try to get sober before you post mindless bs…. West Ham to get relageted!

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