Arsenal’s Thomas Vermaelen Signs New Contract, Keeps Old Car – A Rubbish Nissan Figaro

Alan Duffy

19th, October 2011


By Alan Duffy

The Metro’s art department obviously spent a long time seamlessly superimposing Vermaelen’s head onto the photograph of the car

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has recently revealed that “half the dressing room” wanted to leave Arsenal in the summer. However, as Gooners across the land were left wondering as to just who else wanted out in pre-season, Belgian defemder Thomas Vermaelen gave manager and fans alike something to cheer about. The former Ajax man, who has endured a horrible, injury-strewn year with the Gunners, has signed a new deal with the club which sees him commit (in a footballer sense i.e. not at all) to Arsenal until 2015.

However, according to team-mate Robin van Persie, the Belgian centre-half should now also upgrade his car. Eschewing the massive, jewel-encrusted super sports cars and 4x4s that most Premier League footballers ponce around in, Vermaelen has a humble Nissan Figaro.

The Metro newspaper spotted a tweet from RVP which said: “Congrats to @T_Vermaelen05 ! So it’s time now to get rid of the Figaro and buy a deeeeeecent car! Haha,

But we at Pies say no! Keep your humdrum car, Thomas. It makes you look far less of an eejit that a limited edition bright orange Lamborghini or a tank-sized armour-plated 4×4.

Do you know of any other top players who drive ordinary cars?