One Direction Fans Threaten To Murder Aston Villa’s Gabby Agbonlahor Over Charity Match Horror Tackle (Video)

Paul Sorene

9th, September 2013


ASTON Villa’s Gabby Agbonlahor has been the subject of death threats on Twitter following his tackle on One Direction and Doncaster Rovers’ Louis Tomlinson at a charity football match for former Villa and Celtic man Stan Petrov, who was diagnosed with leukaemia.

After the forward’s challenge, Tomlinson went to the sidelines and threw up.

The One Direction fans duly moved on from threatening to murder GQ magazine staffers by threatening to murder a professional footballer:

Erica Ramirez ∞ ♥ @BelievingInMe_1 – I’ll Kill You Gabby Agbonlahor For Hurting My Man @Louis_Tomlinson

“@gabby_10 This guy hurt Louis knee. I shall hurt your face. I better hear that you apologized or I will find you, and I will kill you.”


“You’re really not a good person, louis came to a charity game and it took you hurt him. You’re horrible die” – @Zuleikha92: @gabby_10 


@gabby_10 This guy hurt Louis knee. I shall hurt your face. I better hear that you apologized or I will find you, and I will kill you” – @Omg_Its_Ella


@Louis_Tomlinson Are you ok?? If he hurt you I promise that I’ll kill him!!! No one can hurt my baby!!! Grrrr!! — Isa Salamanca (@isa_loves_One_D)

You can see the effect of Agbonlahor’s challenge below…

louis tomlinson puke One Direction fans threaten to kill Aston Villas Gabby Agbonlahor for tackling puking Louis Tomlinson

Some tweeters were bothered in a different way

David Gilling @gilling_david @FootyHumour @Louis_Tomlinson LMAO What a legend Gabby lad!!! Even funnier than the smashing is the fan girls crying!


Tony Crawshaw© @crawshaw69 Gabriel Agbonlahor is being questioned by the police for assault on a Woman named ‘Louis Tomilson’ during a charity match.”

John NOT Terry @BigJohnTerry – Louis Tomlinson was apparently physically sick coming off the pitch after being clattered by Agbonlahor… Thank you Gabby #Legend

James Leather @jimmyleather – I’m going to kill Gabby Agbonlahor for NOT breaking Louis Tomlinson’s leg. #ProudOfGabby

So. What will the police do? Maybe they should introduce a curfew?


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  1. Mr. Chopper says:

    You’ve repeated one of the nutter’s Tweets twice.

    You know that got done for saying he was going to blow up that airport? What’s the difference between that and the death threats that 1D fans spit out? They should all get a stretch in juvey, until they can learn to Tweet with restraint.

  2. Al says:

    Am I missing something in all of this? It wasn’t even a bad tackle, they banged knees, we’ve all done it playing sunday league, granted Agbonlahor is a big unit but come on, puking up after it? My faith in the toughness off generic, slightly efeminite, manafactured pop stars has been really tested by all this

  3. The Baby Jesus says:

    Damn it, it should be okay to threaten people over the internet, where is the fun, people?

    PS Good guy Gabby! Cheers, mate!

  4. dk says:

    LOL. you call that a horror tackle???

  5. Wim Doomed says:

    Can’t wait for other cherridy matches…

    Lazio Ultras Past Masters v Steps: Sinisa Mihajlovic up against H. I’d pay very decent money to see that, and all for a good cause, too.

    Roy Keane v Hanson.
    Graeme Souness v Jedward.
    Vinnie Jones v Justin Timberlake.

    Any others?

  6. The Baby Jesus says:

    @Wim Doomed

    De Jong vs Lady Gaga

  7. LunaVC says:

    1D – typical soft Northern fairies.

  8. Doraemoninho says:

    Praying for a Justin Bieber v Pepe match, preferably in an octagon.

  9. Cosa says:

    Nicky Byrne commented that it was ‘a little uncalled for’ and ‘I’ve never seen Agbonlahor make a tackle in my life so it was harsh’ – actually, you’ve seen Agbonlahor make a lot of those challenges, just usually he isn’t up against some stick thin prick who thinks he is a proper footballer.

  10. Toz says:

    I don’t get the love and affection for these twats, they’re all fucking ugly.

  11. Straight Dave says:

    If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

  12. Steve-o says:

    Bravo, you all.

    I don’t know what 1D is, nor do I know this kid, and neither do any of you, but I wouldn’t exactly call him a ‘fairy’ or ‘soft’. He got clattered into by a 6ft tall professional footballer, gets up, and accepts the quick apology. It hurt. I suppose none of you have ever gotten hurt before, eh? And he vomits! I suppose that’s soft too? Yes, I suppose he vomited softly.

    And as if you all wouldn’t line up for five minutes in his world. Go back to work on your spreadsheets in your 9-5 jail-cell-sized-cubicles. Try not to think about how right now, he’s getting those Agbonlahor bruises massaged by a naked 19 year old blondie.

  13. The Baby Jesus says:


    I’ve been harassed by some jews but didn’t make a big fuss about it!

  14. Steve-o says:

    @The Baby Jesus

    I suppose you’re right. But, to be fair, without having ever existed would make that a bit of a moot point, no?

  15. Neil says:

    Yawn. One Direction suck my ****

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