Football GIF: Luis Suarez Dives, Cons Himself A Penalty vs Aston Villa (With Video)

Chris Wright

19th, January 2014


By Chris Wright



We can see how, from the reverse angle, the referee assumed Guzan may have tagged Suarez, but we also don’t mind admitting that it boiled our piss listening to Mr Shearer try to claim it to be a legitimate penalty shout having seen the replay from the first angle above.

Apologies, but if you think that was anything other than a conniving, cheating dive then you are an imbecile.

Aaand discuss….

(GIFs via Reddit/Vine: David Selfridge)

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  1. stan howard says:

    Viewers watch the video not the propaganda. Luis ends up ahead of the ball so he would definitely have reached it, anyone who has seen his enthusiasm would know he would have tried to get it and score or make a goal so I think it almost certain he was brought down, it is obstacle meets momentum have you never been tripped by a wonky pavement and found it hard to stay up ? – and you were walking.

  2. Dave says:

    When will something be done about this rat ?

  3. Ben says:


    Look at this left leg. He dived. Simple as.

    ‘Anyone who has seen his enthusiasm’? Anyone who watches Suarez knows quite well knows what happened here.

  4. Adam says:


    Why try to get the ball when this dive wins a penalty? I like Liverpool, but don’t be INSANELY biased. This is the most clear dive I’ve ever seen. The keeper doesn’t even touch him!

  5. JJM says:

    The referee’s view is the second clip. Stone wall penalty every time.

  6. Colin says:

    Interesting to say dive when pretty much every commentator has said otherwise. See Gary Neville for why this isn’t a dive.

    Even if Guzan doesn’t make contact with Suarez (he does) it is still a foul and still a penalty. If you are running and push a ball ahead, and somebody dives into your legs, even if you can jump over this person or move around them without falling you have still been impeded and it is still a foul. It would be utterly ridiculous to suggest that if you can stand up while being impeded that it is suddenly not a foul.

    • The Hung One says:

      @Pepe, as a Liverpool fan, naturally I was happy to hear we got the draw form being two – nil down…. however, i cant say if it was a dive or not cause i was too busy munching your wife’s box.

  7. Pepe says:

    Gee whiz what a surprise – the “mighty” Liverpool losing at home to a mid-table side before Suarez throws himself to the floor like he’s been shot by a scouse teenager, in order to rescue a point in “fortress Anfield” to keep this “big club” on track to scrape a lofty FOURTH place finish. (There must have been a huge sigh of relief all over Norway and Thailand when that penalty went in).

  8. Rusty says:

    Dive. Suarez is a diving, biting, hand-balling, conniving cheat. It’s only a matter of time until he gets ‘hungry’ again. Pity, because he’s such a talented footballer.

  9. b says:

    i can’t stand this bloody rat. the divers MUST be punished severely!

  10. Seso says:

    I am not sure, because from some angles it looks like a dive, but from other angles it looks like clear contact. I would be dissapointed if it was a dive..

  11. dc says:

    The anti-Suarez bias from the English-speaking world is extraordinary.

    Suarez did what 99% of professional players would do in that EXACT situation, Steven Gerrard and all the rest included.

    Did he go down too easy? Yes. Did Guzan slide into him? Yes. Was it worthy of a penalty? Yes.

    If Suarez is a cheat, then I guess all football players are cheats. Diving isn’t much different than shirt pulling and stepping on opposing players feet in the box on corners, intentional time wasting, etc. So stop villanizing one guy.

  12. Neil says:

    DC is spot on. The anti-Suarez vitriol is a bit overdone.

  13. Neil says:

    And when a ManUre player or a Chelski rent boy does it, no one cares.

  14. AC says:

    Isn’t it easy sitting behind a computer screen or in front of the telly ranting and raving how it was a dive? Instead, why don’t you use some brain cells and form an educated analysis of what happened? It only takes 30 seconds but noooo whining and bitching is much easier.

    As has been pointed out already, the second camera angle is what the referee would have seen. As a result, that would be a penalty any day of the week – even if Suarez went down a la Ash Young style. If that is the view the ref has then it is a penalty. People need to understand that this will NEVER be eradicated. Only the attacking player and the defender will know if there was contact, unless there is CLEAR daylight between both. All the FA and FIFA clowns can do is retrospectively take action, but you would have to penalise a dive in the box just as equally as a dive outside the box. Option 1 would be to fine the indivdiuals (something significant i.e. 50 000). If it still continues then option 2 is to take retrospective action. If a review deems it a dive and the goal is scored from the penalty, then that goal is removed from the final result. Players and teams will learnt pretty quickly to stay on your feet and avoid going down at all costs.

    It also must be said that if referee’s are making clear mistakes then simply taking them off a game the following week is not good enough. There should be a financial penalty and a ban of all football contact for a minimum 2 weeks.

  15. Nuno says:

    From the ref’s angle, it’s a clear penalty. Seeing the replays, I’m not sure the keeper’s right knee/leg doesn’t touch Suarez’s ankle.
    I hate this conniving rat, loved Mirallas tackle on him, but this is only a debatable decision, not a clear dive.
    Just fishing for comments now?

  16. Jarren says:

    @Neil: “And when a ManUre player or a Chelski rent boy does it, no one cares.”

    Do the names Ashley Young, Adnan Januzaj, Didier Drogba & David Luiz ring any bells?


  17. rob says:

    Sure it’s a dive therefore he is a cheat, but please post all the other dives from other players. Wellbeck’s dive to get a 2-2 draw against Chelsea was just the same but we didn’t hear a word about it.

  18. Sp says:

    Suarez is a known diver like many others if football. The reason he is looked at under a microscope for everything is his disciplinary record. Racism and biting another player have earned him what? A total of 16 games banned? Suarez just brings a bad name for Liverpool and the sport. He is grossly unsportsmanlike and it effects the outcome of games. Remember his bite? Should have been shown a red, but continued to play and scored a game tying goal in a game with champions league implications? No one likes a dirty player and Suarez is the king of dirt.

  19. Tellitasitis says:

    I reckon it is a 50/50 call. If it had not been given, then we would be hearing the same arguments, only reversed. All Suarez did was placed a bob each way & his gamble paid off. There is no denying that an honest, respectable athlete would have been able to avoid the keepers contact & backed themselves to score.

  20. Toastman Pat says:

    I like turtles.

  21. joe says:

    bunch of fuckers on here. quit hating him just because he’s the best in the prem and plays for liverpool

  22. dinger says:

    what a dive.

    can’t believe the number of nitwits we got on here saying otherwise like they’d even understand the rules.

  23. SL says:

    Its a dive but a good one and I dont blame the ref for falling for it, its not like Ashley Youngs splits and forward roll which is hilariously bad yet refs fall for it every time.

    Refs just need to stop giving penalties unless they are 100% sure, they they give them if theres a doubt it was a foul.

    Id rather see 5 pens not given than 1 dive given.
    We also need video replays, it would have been sorted before the goal was scored anyway.

  24. Al says:

    @ Colin – spot on
    @ Chris – judging by the quality of some of your writing I don’t think you’re in a position to call anyone an imbecile but how you can be so adamant that this isn’t a penalty is beyond any rational thinking. Suarez is running at full pace, pushes the ball past the goalkeeper who then recklessly slides out in to Suarez path causing him to fall and miss out on a goal scoring opportunity, that’s a penalty, regardless of contact the gaolkeeper prevented a goal scoring opportunity with a thoughtless lunge, penalty.

  25. rushy says:

    Wow Chris Wright take a bow son.possible the biggest pile of bitter jealous writing ive ever read.have you never seen a game of football before.the reason every ex pro inc gary neville.shearer etc says it was a pen, was because it was a clear pen anyday.guzans left knee clearly takes out suarezs standing foot.the only shocking thing about it was guzan wasnt shown a card. Chris I dont know what liverpool have done to you to form such a deep hatred but you shouldn’t let your hate/jealously/bitterness stop you doing your job in an unbiased fair manner. You sad fucking imbecile grow up and go write about your own teams problems you tit

  26. fnarfy fnarf says:

    Liverpool fans are apparently MENTAL. Ignore them, Chris.

  27. James says:

    How is this even a debate?? If you decide to ignore his left leg, what about the ridiculous sprawl/slide after the fall.. He’s obviously trying to sell it more there.

  28. ItWalksLikeADuck says:

    Dunno James, it appears some are gonna see what they want to see. I’ve had several friends who were Liverpool fans and while they were rabid, they weren’t delusional. I suspect most Liverpool supporters cringe at his diving/biting/generally behaving like a twat, but look the other way because he’s a scoring machine.

    Damn shame…he could be a legend.

  29. Dave says:

    Look, we all hate cheats, right? It shouldn’t matter who it is or who they play for, they should be punished for it. Saurez may be a great player but he is also the most odious cretin since El Hadji Diouf. The sooner he leaves the English game the better!

    (I can’t believe all the hypocritical LFC supporters on here! – Stop defending the indefensible! Morons!)

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