Roy Keane Tells Aston Villa To Stick It Up Their B*ll*cks, Relinquishes Role As Assistant Manager

Chris Wright

28th, November 2014


By Chris Wright

You may well remember Roy Keane being really quite spiky when asked by the media if he would be able to handle his dual assistant roles with Aston Villa and the Republic of Ireland.


Keane, who only took up the job with Villa on 1st July, said:

“Ultimately, my roles with Villa and Ireland and combining my commitment to these have become too much.

“It isn’t fair to either Villa or Ireland.”

Let’s have a look at his best bits shall we…


He’s packed a lot into these past five months, that’s for sure.

As for Villa, what a morose state they’re in at the moment – in fact we think this Tweet from a long-long-suffering fan just about sums it up…


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  1. Deise Eamon says:

    No surprise there. Flakey Roy Keane has a record of quitting teams just when they need help the most. Totally washed his hands of Villa when they got into a winless streak. I hope Ireland get rid of that hypocrite Roy now.

  2. Alex Turner says:

    when else has he quit a team like thi??

  3. Jarren says:

    Well that’s great for the Republic. Now I assume he will be devoting all his work time to watching the Irish players, which is going to be invaluable to Martin.

    They’ve had a pretty decent start to the Euro 2016 qualifiers, and if Roy can now put more energy into scouting (or should that be scaring) the best talent then they’ve got a good chance to reach France.

    It’d be fantastic for them & us up North if we both qualified!

  4. Joe says:

    An instant appraisal of Tim Sherwood’s credentials and his respect for the man.
    Imagine Roy Keane being subordonate to Tim Sherwood. Never. Gonna. Happen.

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