Classic Moments: Dion Dublin Headbutts Robbie Savage, 2003 (Video)

Chris Wright

25th, March 2015


By Chris Wright

On the day of the most momentous news, perhaps in football’s entire history – that Dion Dublin is to present ‘Homes Under The Hammer‘ on the BBC – we thought we’d doff our cap to the big man’s finest work as a professional footballer.

The day he straight-up boffed Robbie Savage…

Normally, Pies couldn’t possibly condone such thuggish behaviour, but when Savage is the recipient then we really have no other choice but to view it as a victimless crime.

There be the face of a man who clearly doesn’t see head-butting Robbie Savage as a red-card offence, but more a public service.

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  1. Liam says:

    I’m fighting back tears of joy.

  2. hachel says:

    Can someone elaborate why he is regarded as such a prick? I’m from outside the UK and have never seen him play.

    • Chris says:

      @hachel: The guy could definitely play a bit in his prime, and it’d be wrong to say he didn’t have talent but he had a propensity to act like a spoilt brat an awful lot of the time too.

      He revelled in goading his opponents and their fans by playing up to the “pantomime villain” shtick: diving, feigning, sly fouling, etc, etc – though nothing too major.

      Bit of a flash Harry off the pitch too, which didn’t help (very fond of loudly proclaiming how many Ferraris he had, etc).

      However, it was when he started on his seemingly unstoppable ascension to omnipresent media gobshite-for-hire when the relationship between “Sav” and the wider footballing community really soured.

      The main problem is that he’s very much of the “it doesn’t matter what your opinion is so long as it’s MASSIVE” pundit ilk – which plays well with click-obsessed tabloids/websites/broadcasters, hence he’s never out of work.

      Savage trades in loud, ill-informed, loud, barely intelligible, loud, contrary-for-contrary’s sake honking and most right-minded fans are becoming incredibly weary of it now, though sadly it seems like we’re in the slim minority.

  3. hachel says:

    thanks a lot Chris

  4. gamblino says:

    What a challenge too though! Have that

  5. @hachel says:

    I won’t put it as eloquently as Chris. The man was and still is a rather large cunt.

  6. bolo says:

    can we take up a collection to have dublin give up his new give and do it every time savage opens his mouth?

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