Arsenal Fan TV did not enjoy the defeat to Aston Villa

Ollie Irish

10th, November 2020

Inject this into my veins please…

Me watching the above clip:

AFTV represents everything I loathe about football fans, so I did relish seeing them go into a full-on meltdown when Arsenal were schooled by Aston Villa last week. You know the types: emotionally ingrown, foul-mouthed men who take it as a personal affront when their team plays badly. Grow up, lads.

Take the two guys in the front here, the ones doing all the talking. Having to sit anywhere near rancid goons like this at a live match is what spoils my enjoyment of the game (I feel sorry for the two fans directly behind them – they seem embarrassed). At one point, the twat in the hat actually has a go at Hector Bellerin for being a vegan! Or, in his words, “worrying about eating a plant every fucking five minutes”. It should be funny but it’s depressing. God knows what they’d be like with no outlet for their deep-seated anger.

Perhaps I’m taking them too seriously. I haven’t watched much AFTV but I suppose there’s a good chance they’re playing up to the camera. Even so, it’s pathetic.

The one line that did make me laugh: “Now we gotta sit for two weeks through shit Gareth Southgate. Fuck you.”