French Soccer Babe Melody Donchet Is A Brilliant Freestyler (Video)

Ollie Irish

29th, September 2010


By Ollie Irish

Okay, maybe ‘babe’ is stretching the truth, but you can’t deny the girl has got some impressive tekkers.

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  1. The Belgian says:

    I’d take Melody over Larissa anytime

  2. Zedie says:

    Arsene, sign her up!!

  3. hollis says:

    Yes, but can she cook?

  4. The Belgian says:

    Having the ability to keep up the cauliflower is enough for me

  5. Jon says:

    6/10 at best
    @Zedie, too old

  6. jason says:

    Not wife material sorry…But she’d walk into the England team at the moment. Girl got skills. 8D

    Of course, all counts for shit if she cant cook and terrible in the sac. 8D

  7. dnpma says:

    very intelligent and funny comments. not.

  8. anteater says:

    Quite amazing skills.

    Why are some of you guys so keen of women who can cook? Can’t you cook yourself?

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  10. john says:

    Manooo essa mina fudendo deve ser uma deusa…nossa…

    CR9? R10? R9? nops, essa mininha ai…

  11. Anonymous says:

    its alot easier for her to keep the ball on the chest than me…

  12. Tim says:

    Very impressive and entertaining. 10/10

  13. pieman says:

    but does she understand the offside rule?

  14. me says:

    shes having fun .. thats what matters
    and i bet she´s better than all of us !

  15. Streats says:

    If you didn’t think she was a babe then why mention it at all? Why is it so difficult to just acknowledge her as a talented freestyler without feeling the need to judge her physical attributes?

    To “hollis” – you realise that the majority of professional chefs are male, right? Please get some new jokes, preferably ones that are actually funny and not pathetically misogynistic.

    To “pieman” – This is freestyle football, I doubt the offside rule matters at all. Much like your opinion.

  16. looc larom says:

    cette fille est excellente elle mettrait le cr7 en difficulté ça c’est sur !!!
    j’ai vu toutes ses video sur le youtube et braveau c est grandiose
    vraiment éblouissante elle est super douée avec le ballon elle a le tact d’un grand footballeur
    là vraiment chapeau
    et puis les gars ne soyez pas phallocrates et surtout n’hésiter pas à lui tirer vos chapeaux vous aussi par ce qu’elle le mérite

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