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3rd, August 2007


blackburnrovers.jpgLooking forward to the new season? Who isn’t?! Well, in the name of looking forward let’s carry on from where we left off (a look at Aston Villa’s season,) and look to the North with Blackburn Rovers. Dreams of an FA Cup final against Burnley and tales of born again Christians abound.
Introduce yer’sen…
Dan Clough. Blackburn Rovers.
How do you think you’ll do next season?
McCarthy, Santa Cruz, Jason Roberts and Maceo Rigters will all score 20 goals each. We’ll push United and Chelsea all the way but not quite win the title. We’ll win the FA Cup (beating Burnley scum 7-0 in the final) and the UEFA Cup. I know… I’ve always been a bit of a pessimist!

How has your summer been?
Sparky’s been very shrewd. Rigters for half a million is a good buy and bringing in a new keeper means we can get rid of Enckleman! Santa Cruz is an exciting prospect. Got rid of Gray and Todd who were both past it.
Who do you think will make the biggest mark in the squad?
All eyes will be on Santa Cruz but Derbyshire will be pushing for an England call up by Christmas.
Who owes you a decent season?
David Dunn. Needs to prove it was worth bringing him back. If Mokoena does nothing we need to get rid of him as well he’s bloody useless!
Which youngster should we all watch out for next season?

Derbyshire is already known about. Sergio Peter will hopefully get a few more games – he’s a handy left winger but doesn’t get much action with Pedersen playing well. Joel Garner is also a good striker who was on loan at Carlisle last season, he’ll probably make a name for himself on loan somewhere else this time.

Who do you think will finish in the top 4?
1. Man Yoo
2. Chelski
3. Liverpool
4. Arsenal

Who is going down?
18. Bolton Bastards
19. Fulham
20. Derby

Finally, make a random prediction about next season.
Rovers to win the Fair Play Award after Robbie Savage becomes a born-again Christian.

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  1. FulhamMan says:

    Y’know, I’ve always like the fact that Blackburn still see Burnley as their main rivals even though they’re quite a bit down the League System’s pecking order. Usually when a club gets a bit of cash (Chelsea, West Ham, Us) the fans start pretending that a bigger team are their traditional rivals, but not Rovers. Good on you lads.

  2. White Oz says:

    Bloody oath Joel Garner was a good striker. I wouldn’t have wanted to face the bastard, 7 foot 11″ and 105 miles an hour, are you kidding me?
    But in all seriousness (ha ha) did you hear the joke about Allan Border, Viv Richards and Joel Garner? Well after a good test match they went and had a few beverages at a Sydney pub as a bloke is wont to do and upon leaving they had to walk accross the harbour bridge to get home. But they miscalculated and needed to have an impromptu pit stop on the way. Allan teed off, auld feller hanging in the breeze, to which he said “jeez the wind’s cold tonight”.
    To which Viv said “So is the water.”
    To which Big Bird Joel Garner said “and deep too man.”
    The moral to the story is that Joel Garner is an awesome name.
    Bloody hell I hope someone finds this funny cos I feel like a bit of a tosser for putting so much effort into it…

  3. Col says:

    As a Rovers fan i must comment that the above is rather accurate! Besides Burnley making past the third round of the FA cup… Dingles will get nowhere this season