Why doesn’t Mark Hughes understand the offside law?


17th, September 2007


Against Blackburn at the weekend, Chelsea forward Salomon Kalou had a perfectly fair goal disallowed by a linesman (Peter Kirkup) who didn’t realise you can’t be offside if you are behind the ball. Rovers boss Mark Hughes apparently doesn’t understand the law either, because he also seemed to think that Kalou was in an illegal position: ‘The goal was offside. He was only about half a yard or so, but he was offside,’ Sparky said. ‘From our point of view we are happy that it was offside.’ Well, sorry to disappoint you Hughesy, but Kalou was onside. It’s slightly concerning that a Premier League manager appears to not know one of the most important rules of the game.
The dodgy decision not only cost Chelsea two precious home points (probably), but sent Jose Mourinho into a predictable rage: ‘I can’t understand it. If the linesman wants to explain, then maybe it would be a good thing,’ he said. ‘I told the linesman I would be waiting for his phone call to apologise.’ Wait on, Jose…
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  1. Col says:

    You missed the best bit of the Jose quote, he then said “but i will not answer the phone.” And he called Rovers the “red and black team” cause i’m not sure he knew who he’d played he was sooooo angry.
    Hughes can say whatever he wants, i wouldn’t argue with him!

  2. Adam says:

    Didn’t a referee, I don’t remember who because no one made a big deal about it, get banished to the Championship for daring to make a bad call against Liverpool recently?
    Does this mean the linesman will be similarly crucified?

  3. Dom says:

    Poor little Chelsea. I believe this makes up for Blackburn getting conned out of three points last season when the ultra-myopic linesman deemed West Ham’s goal over the line when everyone in the ground saw that it wasn’t, and their strikers onside, when they weren’t.
    I believe Howard Webb refereed in that match too, giving Tevez his dubious penalty.
    Just the way it goes, but Chelsea are used to getting their own way. I think Jose was more angry at their performance and the fact they should’ve beaten us by at least two or three.

  4. Rusty says:

    Is he a woman? That’s right, I live in the 70s. I’m off to cook with Jim Davidson.