Crystal Palace: Wayne Hennessey Absolved Over ‘Nazi Salute’ Incident By FA, Who Note Goalkeeper Has ‘Lamentable Degree Of Ignorance’ About Fascism In General

Chris Wright

16th, April 2019


Photo: @maxmeyer95/Instagram

The verdict on Wayne Hennessey’s ‘Nazi salute’ escapade is in and, as per the FA disciplinary panel, the Crystal Palace goalkeeper is not guilty.

Back in early January, Hennessey was photographed making what appeared to be a decidedly iffy gesture during a Crystal Palace team dinner.

Mortified at his signal being taken out of context, the 32-year-old offered the following explanation at the time:

I waved and shouted at the person taking the picture to get on with it and at the same time put my hand over my mouth to make the sound carry.

The incident was subject to investigation but the charge was found not proven earlier this month by an independent regulatory commission.

What’s more, the FA also found that the Palace stopper couldn’t have possibly been making a Nazi salute, because he doesn’t know what Hitler, Fascism or the Nazi regime actually are…

Image via @martynziegler/Twitter

Mr Hennessey displayed a considerable – nay, lamentable – degree of ignorance. Now there’s a shocker.

In another little quirk of coincidence, the finding notes also reveal that the waiter who took the photograph was called ‘Mr Bussolini’, of all things.

Ever get the feeling that the whole world is just one big nonsense?

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  1. Tom says:

    What a load of nonsense. He knew exactly what he was doing (in terms of doing a funny gesture, I believe he didn’t know the history of it) but he said he was cupping his hand to make his voice carry to the photographer. If you’re doing that you don’t aim your voice down and you don’t have such a tensed hand with your thumb in if you’re waving

    • JP says:

      And typically adults know better than to shout indoors in public.

      Nobody was demanding his head- they could have saved enough face by accepting his story and then an apology and “voluntary” course, but instead we’ve got this farce. Perhaps we were supposed to laugh so much that we forget?

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