Thanks To Modern Football, Livingston Will Have To Play Home Games At ‘The Tony Macaroni Arena’

Chris Wright

21st, September 2015



Thanks to professional football’s ever-increasing dependency on corporate coin being as it is, Scottish Championship side Livingston will now be playing their home games at…wait for it…the Tony Macaroni Arena.

Wow. That’s got to be right up/down there with KitKat Crescent, the Bargain Booze Stadium, James’ Park and Scarborough FC’s old McCain ‘Theatre of Chips’ Stadium.

Hell, it even gives Burnley’s ‘Totally Wicked Bob Lord Stand‘ a fair old run for its money.

Having begun life as Almondvale back in 1995, Livingston’s ground was re-christened the ‘Braidwood Motor Company Stadium’ in 2010 and then the ‘Energy Assets Arena’ in 2013 due to various sponsorship deals being struck.

2015 sees it officially rebranded in honour of Tony Macaroni – which, we’re reliably informed, is a Scottish chain of Italian-themed restaurants.

Something tells us the Livingston fans will just keep right on referring to their home ground as plain old ‘Vale for the time being.


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  1. toni_baloni says:

    tony macaroni?! is that the english version of “ehhh macarena!”

  2. Jarren says:

    I guess it depends on the history of the ground.

    You say this ground was built in 1995? That’s like yesterday compared to places like Old Trafford, Anfield & Stamford Bridge.

    Look at the Emirates & the Etihad. Nobody blinks an eyelid at them, because they’re new stadiums and people understand that the money came from corporations / companies to fund them.

    It’s different to renaming old stadiums, which shows a lack of respect. Fans do not appreciate some here today / gone tomorrow faceless company rewriting their history.

    Same with my local team here in Canada, Montreal Impact. We play at Stade Saputo, which is named after a local company who mass produce cheese.

    It’s all good. Without them, we wouldn’t have a team (and most certainly would not have been able to secure the services of Drogba).

    • porcelain sandwich says:

      I think the case is a bit different when it’s called something like the Tony Macaroni arena – the Emirates and Etihad still have a touch of class about them because they’re swish names. No fan should be made to make the switch to Tony Macaroni, no matter how hilarious it sounds.

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