Kit Parade Special: New Premier League Home Kits, Part One

Ollie Irish

10th, August 2007


The big kick-off is nigh and we don’t have a thing to wear. Well, we do now. This is part one of a bumper Kit Parade Special from Pies.
This looks a little familiar… wait a cotton picking minute! Yes, Arsenal have retained last season’s home kit for a further season. It makes my job a bit harder because you have all seen it before, but I’d be delighted if I was a Gooner. Comiserations to the parents of young Arsenal fans who will have to think a bit harder about birthday presents this year! Click here to buy it from Kitbag.

Aston%20Villa%20homekit.JPGAston Villa
I’m surprised they didn’t get Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters in to model this one for them – shades of West Ham circa 1966. Indeed, it’s pretty close to West Ham circa 2007. Obviously the two clubs always look fairly similar but it has been a while since they looked quite as identical as this season. Click here to buy it from Kitbag.
Birmingham%20home%20kit.JPGBirmingham City
I’m not at all sure about this one. It is a pretty ugly kit, although I’m sure it is very slimming. Last season’s predominantly blue effort was much easier on the eye and all together more stylish. And if anyone can explain the logic of making your (traditionally blue) home shirt mainly white and then having a white away kit, please enlighten us. Click here to buy it from Kitbag.
Blackburn%20Rovers%20home%20kit.JPGBlackburn Rovers
Rovers are not launching their shirt until 23 August for some reason best known to themselves. Maybe they want to give fans the opportunity to warm to that diamond pattern shoulder detail. Or not. Same blue-and-white halves as ever. Same sponsor as last season. The only real change is in kit suppliers. Like Birmingham, Rovers have swapped Lonsdale for Umbro and it doesn’t seem to have improved things. Click here to pre-order from the official website.
Bolton%20home%20kit.JPGBolton Wanderers
The Reebok Wanderers edge a little nearer to t-shirt territory with this latest offering. A little more white, a little more red and a little less blue than the kit Bolton have worn for the past two seasons. The other major change is that Reebok has become Rbk on the sponsor front. Txt-arific! Click here to buy it from Kitbag.
I’m struggling with this one: does it count as a new kit? The only difference I can spot is that the detail on the club logo has transformed from white to gold. Quite how not winning the league requires you to add a splash of gold to the kit I’m not sure. Seems like a bit of a rip off. Click here to buy it from Kitbag.
Derby%20home%20kit.JPGDerby County
Simple, but effective. I quite like Derby County’s new home shirt. Probably edging on the t-shirt side, like Bolton’s, but a little more classy. And remember the sponsor for one of those quiz questions on club’s with their name included in their sponsor. The shirt also features the Rams’ new logo. Click here to buy it from the official website.
The Toffees’ new home kit is fairly similar to last season’s shirt. The big change is the addition of the nasty Umbro shoulder detail. There is also some artsy white detail to the side of the shirt. Seems to be a slightly darker blue than last season, but that could just be the photo. Click here to buy it from Kitbag.
Fulham’s much heralded new home kit is the first-born of the Cottagers’ new four-year love-in with Nike. Sponsorship comes courtesy of Korean electrical manufacturers LG. Here it is being well and truly filled out by Franck Queudrue (he’s piled the pounds on!). Click here to buy it from the official website.
The Reds are another of the big boys to stick to last season’s kit. They must be doing their bit for climate change by recycling shirts. This is especially good news for any armchair fans who bought the kit especially for last season’s Champions League final – another year of use! There is very little else to report here then. Click here to buy it from Kitbag.
Come back tomorrow morning for part two of the Kit Parade Special: New Premier League Home Kits.