Horror Hair: FAI Chief Executive John Delaney

Ollie Irish

19th, November 2009



Here’s John Delaney – one of the men involved in the hiring of Steve Staunton, btw – at a press conference held today by the FAI to bang on about the bloody injustice of Thierry Henry’s handball; Delaney asked that FIFA consider replaying the match, but there’s no way its gonna happen. No. Way. Lest we forget, FIFA stands for ‘Federation Internationale de Football Association’. Yeah, that sounds French to me.

The first thing that struck me though? Delaney’s comically bad hair, which is a copy of the classic Alan Partridge ‘sports casual’ henge:


“Sunday, bloody Sunday!”

Question: if you have a full head of real hair, why sport a hairstyle that makes it look like you wear a wig? Mysterious.