David Beckham looks like shit these days

Ollie Irish

23rd, November 2009



David Beckham in July 2007 (left) and November 2009 (right)

If you’ll permit me to go all Perez Hilton for a minute, have you ever seen Becks look as bad as he does right now? He looks like an emaciated soldier, which is a far cry from his earlier days in LA, when he looked a picture of health and happiness (not to mention extreme wealth). And that hairstyle has to go – purleeeeease!

There are three possible reasons for this deterioration:

a) He’s now eating his wife’s cooking and nothing else

b) He’s been staring at LA Lakers cheerleaders for way too long

c) He’s on the skag – playing in front of an MLS defence will do that to a man

I pick b).

In other news, Beckham’s team lost on penalties in the final of some tin-pot cup thing – at least Becks stuck away his pen, unlike the MLS Player of the Year, Landon Donovan. Next stop, Milan.

Ah-ha! It’s just dawned on me who Becks looks like these days – bug-eyed Earl from the excellent Red Meat comic strip: