Gael Givet Reveals He Was Forced Out Of Ligue 1 Side Evian Because He Wouldn’t Shave His ‘Jihadist’ Beard

Chris Wright

7th, October 2015




As you may or may not be aware, ex-Blackburn defender Gael Givet is currently plugging away in Ligue 2 with AC Arles-Avignon, having left Ewood Park to sign for his hometown side in the summer of 2013.

After a year with Arles, Givet secured himself a move back to the (relatively) big time in September 2014 when Ligue 1 outfit Evian Thonon Gaillard tied up a deal for the 33-year-old defender.

However, the French centre-half’s stint at Evian lasted for just one game, after which he upped sticks and immediately returned to Arles.

The reason for Givet’s exit has been something of a mystery ever since – until now, that is. Apparently his beard was too long.

Speaking to, Givet claimed:

Three days before my first game (for Evian), I was called into the president’s office for something that seemed crazy and that had nothing to do with football.

I was completely disgusted. The problem was that I let my beard grow!

At Evian, they wanted to force me to shave because it was too long.

At 33, you cannot treat me this way. They took me for a jihadist, while I haven’t even converted to Islam.

Looking at the state of Givet’s dense facial thicket, we’re guessing it was more a health and safety issue.

Somebody noticed that his arrival coincided with a faint smell of festering Weetabix and rotting vegetation suddenly enveloping the club’s facilities.

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  1. Jarren says:

    There’s bound to be one or two crunchy nut cornflakes nestling in there somewhere, along with half a fish finger.

    What IS it with this fad for “big-f**k-off-pirate-beards”?

    I mean I get it, you can’t get more manly. But do the ladies appreciate it?

    I suppose if you have a beard like that, the opinion of the fairer sex weighs somewhere below your need to chop some wood with your bare hands while eating a wild boar.

  2. Michael says:

    It’s a hipster beard.

  3. Jack says:

    this guy is an absolute cunt. Ask any Blackburn fan. Mentally unstable.

    • Jarren says:

      I don’t know any Blackburn fans, and I couldn’t be arsed going on fan forums so have you any tasty stories for us?

      You can’t just leave it at “mentally unstable”.

      Why is he a nutter?

  4. Ron says:

    GREAT work from the team! I have no religious objections, guys with these beards just look like fucking shitheads. So tired of them in the NBA and MLB and on the street too!

    If you’ve had a beard like that for 20 years, cool. If you grew it in the last 8 months, fuck you.

    Sports teams I’ve played on have had hair/beard/dress requirements. Abide or get the fuck out.

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