Hand of God 2: Thierry Henry est un dirty cheat avec un shattered reputation

Ollie Irish

18th, November 2009



Thierry Henry, of all people, just committed the most blatant act of World Cup-related cheating since Maradona’s Hand of God – Henry used his hand, twice (!) to assist William Gallas’s crucial goal which shattered Ireland’s hopes of qualifying for South Africa.

Judging by the heated reaction on Twitter, it seems Henry should ready himself for a ‘merdestorm’ of quite epic proportions – he won’t hear the end of this for a very, VERY long time. And quite right too – it was a shameful thing to do.


Some sample Tweets:

“Oh, Thierry. For shame.”

“Oh. My. God. Terry Henry hang your head in shame.”

“Dirty f**king cheating bastard Henry.”

“Thierry Henry is being crucified by TalkSport radio commentators right now”

“Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has gone from sporting hero and football genius to cheat in an instant. He knew what he was doing. So poor”

“Outrage. Thierry Henry has cheated Ireland, handling twice as Gallas scored. Disgrace. There’ll be calls for a replay…”

“One team can walk off the pitch at Stade de France with their heads held high. And it won’t be Les Bleus.”

Couldn’t agree more. Ireland were robbed – definitely the better team over two legs, imho.

Va va voom? Va va c**t more like.

Can’t believe Henry had the gall to go on a lap of honour – there’s no honour in what he did.

More reaction to follow…

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  1. paddy says:

    as an ireland and arsenal fan i have to say henry was one of my idols buy i have just lost a hell of lot of respect for him. ireland outplayed france on the night and to be undone by a goal like that is bloody discraceful

  2. Poor old Robbie Keane done yet again by the Gunners! LOL…should be used to it by now

  3. Lily lady says:

    Oh my god Henry should have owned up…disgraceful. No honour. All respect for him has disappeared

  4. Usman says:

    Do you honestly think Henry cares?
    He’ll be at the World Cup, Ireland won’t.
    Deal with it.

  5. kaya says:

    that’s sucky all the way around. so many should’ves here.
    fifa should never have re-designed the playoffs
    ireland should’ve beaten italy
    france should’ve won their group
    ireland should’ve put their chances away and it wouldn’t have been an issue
    domenech should not have been coach by now
    in the end, i expected france to score the goal, but not that way!
    ireland clearly ran out of steam in the end, so it’s still hard for me to say ireland deserved to win.
    henry cheating doesn’t surprise me

  6. Anonymous says:

    YOUREON So sorry that the Republic of Ireland got knocked out in the manner that they were. Only one team desereved to go through tonight and it wasn’t Frogs. Only wish Roy Keane had still been playing.

    Even if Ireland had lost it would still have been fitting to see Henry leaving the pitch with two broken legs!

    Shades of Maradonna ’86. Lesson to kids – Cheats prosper!

    Time for video technology long overdue. Cite Henry. Kick France out of World Cup. Buy ref and linesman licence for guide dog!

    Ted, Portadown

  7. Davyfla says:


  8. Coupfranc says:

    You know what?

    It’s the same feeling, here in France. We are shamed by this Handball…

  9. Jesus says:

    Hi Ollie, I realise you’re feeling a bit pissed of right now (your Country being cheated out of the world cup and your club’s talismanic striker not making it) but seriously, trying to portray this to be some massive Gooner conspiracy like you are on twitter is a bit much.

    Go out, have a pint and let it go. I doubt any Gooners give a shit. The French ARE massive cunts though IMO…

  10. Carlosthegooner says:

    it’s a shame and I’m sure Henry will feel castigated just like Owen was before him for the dive he took against Argentina…. Guys I think we get on our high horses a little too much sometimes. It would be great if FIFA and Uefa decided that enough was enough and that cheating would carry a 5 match ban but they haven’t the bottle I’m afraid, so until such time as they do you will have to accept it when someone outside the home countries and Ireland dives or handles to gain an advantage as much as they would when our players cheat.

    Ireland were desperately unlucky, plenty of good chances and if only Keane’s 1st touch wouldn’t have been so hard when going round the keeper. But it’s another if only I’m afraid. Can anyone tell me what Gibson brings to the table that Reid doesn’t? All he appears to do is chuck it long and foul.

  11. Liam says:


  12. patrick says:

    fucking disgraceful out of thierry a legend now turned 2 scum in my eyes.cheat cheat cheat

  13. Long diagonal ball says:

    Lost all respect for Henry having idolised him. I hope FIFA ban him from the World Cup, but I doubt that will figure in the plans of an organisation that change the competition rules as and when they like. I love football and hate it equally when people cheat and win!!

  14. Davyfla says:

    coupfranc thank you for you’re honest opinion,feelings running high,sorry for the poor choice of words but its such a hard pill to swallow,lets hopr Henry doesnt travel to S.A.with your country

  15. Xav says:

    Agree with Coupfranc. Not happy we got through this way at all.
    Surprised by the name calling though. Show me one modern player in the same situation who would own up to it. Even in the Irish camp. Do you honestly believe that at the other end Robbie Keane would have raised his hand and said ‘sorry chaps, stop celebrating, I’m going to see the referee to tell him it’s a handball’? Not a chance in one million!

  16. Michael says:

    Henry should be know for the rest of his life as a cheat and a loser.You make me sick

  17. ninjaassasin1 says:

    He cheated on purpose and that should be punished. heartbreaking for the irish but at least they can be proud of how they played

  18. Henry fan says:

    I have always admired Henry’s skill, and the way in which he has carried himself. He has always been a great role model for kids and has been much admired by many Irish and English fans. It is now up to him how he deals with what he did but it will be his legacy for many not just Irish fans. It will also be the legacy his sponsors have to deal with.

    I would have loved to have seen Ireland at the World Cup as an Irish fan and I am disappointed but I am equally disappointed to see such a great footballer stoop to a level which has often been reserved for far less skillful sports stars than him. It is very hard to think of him in the same light as Tiger Woods in their Gillette ads – another great superstar has been lost to the world tonight !

  19. cedric says:

    i don’t like this hand more than anyone else but don’t tell me ireland was ripped off…the irish had the worse french team ever against them and still lost…. ireland didn’t loose but didn’t win either… the irish spent too much time trying to flog the players rather than playing the ball they should go back to gaelic football or think about joining some kind of anger management program or just have another guiness…

  20. Anonymous says:

    The Hand of Frog. Hope they go out early in the final’s group stages.

  21. seamas says:

    That’s football nowadays. Back in the 19th century. Any trick will do. No honesty nor honour. Henry is just one example of the cheats that inhabit the game. One way of getting the game into the 21st century is to introduce the TV decision like in Rugby, a game that has not been besmirched by the likes of Henry or Maradonna.

  22. Anonymous says:

    The hand of frog! Hope they go out early in the final’s group stages.

  23. Ben says:

    It was a shitty thing he did but I think the moral outrage is a little bit daft. I’m with Carlos on this, if it had been an Irish or English player who’d done it we’d all choose to look the other way. Henry’s a great player and a cool dude, a legend. This doesn’t change that any more than the Hand of God or Zidane’s headbutt.

    That said, I’m gutted that Ireland will miss out as they bring a lot to World Cups, but this will just be a footnote in history next to the tournament itself.

  24. Finbarr says:

    I am an Arsenal fan from Ireland who thought of Henry as a model professional. I am disgusted that he not only stopped the ball with his hand but went on to control it after that with his hand again. In my eyes he has become one of the great cheats now. They wanted to ban Eduardo for a dive that would not have changed the tie’s outcome. But this cheat could not be more costly. Will he be charged for this?? I doubt it as France have more commercial value in World Cup than Ireland, maybe this is why the linesman didn’t see the 2 players offside as the free came in and the subsequent handball(s). Anelka wasn’t even booked for diving to try win a penalty. We were robbed.
    Thierry Henry, great footballer and great cheat.

  25. Kilian says:



  26. charte says:

    FIFA Have alot to answer to about the draw, henry will only be rememered for this, everything he has done good in the past will be forgotton about, THIERRY THE CHEAT HENRY. hang your head in shame you bollocks.

  27. Owen Doyle says:

    i really think its disgusting, france should not of won first leg

    they got a very lucky goal, there big time charlies,

    but ireland i must say i am proud of them,

    we all are, as for henry , i idolised him, i noticed he said sorry

    to richard dunne and amongst other players at the end

    but that isnt gonna get us to the world cup!!!
    and the euros are shite

    so we gotta another 4 years til next world cup fuckin fuming!!!

  28. paddyhynes says:

    i have idolised thierry henry for the last 10 years,, it is the most disgusting feeling i have ever experienced to see him do such a thing.. i feel like i can never watch football again.. completely sickened, the man is the emodiment of evil. he sticks his face in advertisements supporting charitys just to make himself look better but a man can only be judged by his instincts and his instinct was to cheat. ROT IN HELL YOU FILTHY SCUM HENRY

  29. TP says:

    Let’s not blame Henry and instead blame the linesman and referee who missed an offside and handball. Everyone is going to try and bend the rules, and Henry did. It’s a gamble. He could have got a red card too. But he was fortunate, and probably unfairly so. Any worse than diving in the box to draw a penalty? I’d say no.

    This should be placed entirely at the feet of the officials who blew a pretty obvious call. I feel bad for Ireland, but it happens. And let him take his victory lap- he’s in the World Cup.

  30. Liam says:

    JOKE JOKE JOKE, I am half french and my my full french dad is ashamed of henry tonight. i am english but as with ALL home nations wanted you irish boys to go though tonight.

  31. Ciaran says:

    Football an amazing sport?, so i thought till tonight when players who are suppose to be the best players in the world do acts of cheating like this bulls**t. I have come to the conclusion that this is the way football is and unfortunately we have to jus learn to deal with watchin cheatin scum like henry. Im irish and a chelsea fan and 100% proud of our boys in green. You might not have won the match but the whole country is still behind you!

  32. SoccerTorte says:

    On a ‘disgraceful’ scaled of 1-10, with Maradona’s hand of god being 10, I’d give this a five at most. He didn’t reach out to the ball and he didn’t send it into the goal directly. The ball still took two more kicks (both with changes of direction involved) before it had a chance of going in. Plus Ireland wasted plenty of chances.

    It was no more disgraceful than a dive for a penalty.

  33. Pete says:

    Cheating French Twat, should take a leaf out of Mr Di Canios book, bu t i guess too much of a cheat and not enough of a gentleman. Every time I meet a French person I’ll think of this cheating twat.

    Lets hope that the twats get run out of S. Afriac, which they surely will.

  34. Hirsty says:

    Shame that’s how it ended but Ireland had plenty of chances to put them away. Maybe the vital World Cup playoff isn’t the best time to try and be fancy and round the keeper every time, eh Robbie?

  35. Philando Torres says:

    To be fair, he did look guilty at the end. He sat down with Dunne and appeared to try and explain himself.

    I just wish it had been Anelka. It’s hard to loathe Terry Henry. He’s in my ‘Holy Trinity’ of favourite players of all time; Fowler, Ronaldo (the amazing Brazilian one) and Henry.

    In a few years Messi will have forced me to construct a ‘Fucking Amazing Quartet’.

  36. Pete says:

    Hope the twats ear holes turn to arse holes and he shits all over his shoulders. Still wouldn’t be good enough for him. Can’t believe the Irish players shook his hand, at the end ,I’d have knocked the **** out.

  37. Pete says:

    ‘Too be fair’ he’s a cheating twat and should have his balls cut off.
    Ok with his nice smile , cheating cunt.

  38. stan lendak says:


    What’s worse, I went to fifa’s official site as well as Uefa’s and the article regarding the game doesn’t even mention the hand ball. Wtf?

  39. John A says:

    ANYONE WHO SAYS IRISH PEOPLE WOULD HAVE CONDONED THE SAME ACTION IF ONE OF OUR PLAYERS DID THIS IS F*CKING WRONG. He would have being taken to bits. You see, unlike many other soccer supporting nations, we actually do live by Fair Play principles. if the same had happened to Robbie Keane, I would bet my house he would own up to the ref/linesman immediately. He would not need to because it’s 100% certain that no Irish player of any sport would ever stoop to such a moral low as that. One thing people forget by the way is the massive business that has now being lost in Ireland a result. Many many jobs would have being created by everything associated with us being in the World Cup. Maybe if you work in Advertising, your boss might be thinking of cutting back the staff now that the advertising windfall is not going to happen. See if you don’t care about that cheating bastard’s goal then. f*ck it, I have had enough of soccer. it’s not longer the sport I loved. Full of wankers and cheaters. anything would be better, watching paint dry for a start would be a step up from watching those cheating f*ckers not to mention those twisted and corrupt ruling elite in FIFA. you would swear they were god or something. f*ck them. they can run away with the ball and keep it for all I care.

  40. Guiness says:

    All fucking frogs can die in hell!!! Henry you should be executed!!!

  41. paul says:

    dirty french frog leg eating CUNT should be band from playing in the world cup next year CUNT CUNT

  42. Beastisita says:

    @ Pete: “Mr Di Canio” : the same paolo di canio of the fascist salute?

    These people are footballers, not role models. Why treat them any differently?

  43. How could this happen says:

    I find the fact that the ref allowed it to be worse. Im an arsenal fan and for Henry to do something like that makes me embarrassed that I thought of him as one of the few honest footballers left. But what can you do? Just have to hope that Karma comes around and the French get a whole big chunk of it

  44. 365 says:

    Henry is STILL a legend.. I don’t care what you think about him,all great players cheat or have cheated (Pele, Maradonna, Ronaldo both of them, Messi, Gerrard, Lampard, Rooney).. if it had been Robbie Keane who had handled the ball, there would not be so much attention.. hell, he would be a national hero.. Even though Ireland made it to the WC, would they win it? I don’t think so..
    France will get whats coming to them, so get over it!!!
    And everyone who plays footie would have done the EXACT same thing in that situation 99 times out of 100 no matter who you are…

  45. Adolfo Maier says:

    Right after the game, TH said: “Yes, the ball touched my hand, but the ref didn’t whistle, so I kept on playing (…) The most important is to qualify, no matter how (…)”
    The ball didn’t just touch your hand, you GRABBED it, you cheating cunt !!!
    If the FIFA weren’t corrupt, they would disallow the goal and schedule a playoff on a neutral ground (England ? Germany ?). But this won’t happen. Absolutely DISGUSTING. At least, I hope TH won’t get away with it and get booed wherever he goes now

  46. Ashley says:

    I find myself in the very strange position of agreeing with Robbie Keane about this one. Had Ireland played Greece or Bosnia they might have got through. But the seeding insisted on by FIFA screwed this up.

    The Irish didn’t go through because they weren’t great in their group games, their dodgy defending in Dublin and the fact that they didn’t take their chances.

    One of the reasons we love football so much is that it is like real life and just like real life there’s a lot of injustice.

    As for Henry most Irish players (and English ones for that matter) would have done that. It doesn’t make it right, but it is understandable. He is still one of the very best players fo the last decade

  47. Anonymous says:

    Pretty sure you irish stains should calm down. Stop lynching him because of what he did, most players in his situation would have done exactly the same thing.

  48. Adolfo Maier says:

    If I see Henry, I will spit something slimy on his cheating face

  49. Adolfo Maier says:

    I am french, by the way. But Henry made us look like cheting twats, and I hate that

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  51. Reece says:

    Any foward would have done that if they were clever enough to think that fast.
    Like someone else said, he doesn’t give a crap, he cheated. So what?
    He’s in the world cut and ireland arnt.

  52. KC says:

    I’m not usually like this but I hope Henry shatters his cruciate and achilles the week before the world cup, that cheat deserves it.
    Fifa & Ufea are elitist cheats, World Cup………? I think not!!! it should be called the perferential cup. Go on Solvenia I hope you win the competition. “Fair Play” “No victory without Honour” etc etc etc yeah right!!!!

  53. oskar says:

    There would have been no complaints if it was Robbie Keane who did it. We want to see stars at the world cup like Gourcuff, Benzema, Ribery and Nasri not shit kickers like Keane, Dunne, Kilbane and Duff!

  54. KC says:

    they looked really good last night did’nt they, hold on 3 of them wer’nt on the pitch ya fucking twat!!!

  55. Adolfo Maier says:

    you’re so right KC: “fair play” my ass and oskar is a twat!

  56. oskar says:

    Nope but they will be for the world cup. I wouldn’t pay to see any of see any of the irish players and that’s how everyone outside of ireland and uk feels… deal with it!

  57. Jon says:

    As Drogba would say, “f**king disgrace”…

  58. KC says:

    oh yeah like you speak for the rest of the world you arrogant dope! I hope they get Algeria so they can beat them out of Africa again…

  59. Anonymous says:

    Thank you reece

  60. Omar says:

    I agree with Oskar. KC is an unrealistic twat living in a fantasy land where the Irish can use magic to get out of the World Cup group stages. Too bad they can’t and they’d just end up minnow fodder for the rest of the teams in South Africa while the French would actually be, dare I say, bearable to watch play. So keep smoking whatever it is you’re smoking KC, it must be some good stuff.

  61. Chris says:

    Surely this game has to be replayed, there is too much at stake for it just to be brushed off.

    FAX number for FIFA! +41-43-222 7878

    We all know that if it happened up the other end that Platini would already have the rules changed and a replay organised!
    But I would like to point out that anyone that can read French will see that respect to the French people for their reaction of disgust to Henry’s actions, so for the people that France I hope that they go on to do well in the World Cup! I had a look at this link below that has some good football related Facebook Statuses for the World Cup in its Facebook Status Generator:


    Fair Play must shine through and FIFA have got a big message to send out now by banning Henry from the World Cup!

  62. Seany says:

    “Oh we want to see the big stars”, giving Fifa the license to screw over all the small teams, sure football isn’t a sport at all it’s entertainment. What’s the point of playoffs at all if the results are pre-ordained

  63. Daithi says:

    Henry A cheat – we were prevented from going to the World Cup – if the shoe was on the other foot FIFA would insist a rematch for the French….
    Fair play my arse

  64. Samy says:

    Omar, the french are not “bearable to watch play”. They’ve been playing like S#!7 since Zidane retirement. The irish outplayed them and deserved to go through. Now, les bleus will probably go home after 3 crappy games, just like in 2002

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  66. james says:

    hhahahhah at oskar…..try following another sport because you clearly dont have a clue about footie…..tw@t

  67. john says:

    hahaha france got wat they deserved. henry retired aswell. how will france get to the next world cup without le cheat?

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