Giuseppe Rossi has a Facebook hate group

Ollie Irish

18th, June 2009


4890_1158957050181_1115421648_482747_7342137_n.jpgYesterday, Pies was the first to tell you about the Giuseppe Rossi Judas T-shirt, which is selling like hot cakes and also generating a hell of a lot of debate, especially in the States and, to a lesser extent, Italy.
After scoring twice in the Confederation Cup against the country of his birth (he was born in Teaneck, New Jersey), Rossi has become a hugely divisive figure. Many Americans view him as a traitor for choosing to play for Italy, but there’s no doubting the depth of Rossi’s Italian roots.

n96402087266_1628.jpgRossi even has his own Facebook group now, called simply “We hate Giuseppe Rossi”. At time of writing, it has 434 members, mostly Americans who can’t stand the fact that their Men’s National Team (MNT, as they like to call it) missed out on Rossi. Witness a couple of examples of wall posts:
“Nothing but a traitor. Needs to grow up and realize that he’s too obsessed with being Italian which he’s not. If you’re born in America, you’re an American. It’s one thing if you moved back at a very young age, but Bruce Arena asked him to play for the US only six years removed from his emigratoin and he snubbed the US with a gauranteed spot. He could still play for the US national team and play club in Italy. He just doesn’t want to American. As far as I’m consider they can have him and his greasy hair.”
And a more balanced view:
“Wow. So much hate for a kid who has had a dual citizenship since his birth, born to Italian parents, played at every junior level for the Azzurri, and left for Italy when he was 12 in order to pursue his dream of playing the most beautiful sport of all – calcio, just because he scored and celebrated against a country he does love and calls home? You guys are nuts. That is all.”
People should lay off Rossi. He chose Italy, get over it. I could mention that the US is trying to poach German-born Jermaine Jones, who played a few friendly games for Germany but now claims he wants to switch to the USA. You win some, you lose some.
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  1. zitor says:

    12 million of immigrants are dying to be americans, to do something for America, and here comes the son of an immigrant and stick it to them…twice.

  2. kaya says:

    He probably considered playing for the US… but when he realized he could play for Italy, he made the obvious decision. I wish he would’ve made the not obvious one, but I understand why he didn’t.
    I still think I’ll join the hate group :)
    Are those shirts really selling like hotcakes?! I don’t believe it for a second.

  3. Tom says:

    They obviously have no problem taking Freddy Adu from Ghana.

  4. Hirsty says:

    Or Pablo Mastroeni from Argentina, Ugo Ihemelu from Nigeria, Ernie Stewart from Holland, Roy Wegerle from South Africa, Fernando Clavijo from Uruguay, Tom Dooley from Germany, Carlos Llamosa from Colombia, David Regis from France, Preki from Serbia etcetera etcetera….

  5. Barack Obama says:

    Sure, he sould play for that mob and gone in the obscurity
    yankee cvnts

  6. Kyle Ritter says:

    Hirsty: obscurity? Like ending Spain’s streak??? Also, Italy are on the decline, that is undeniable. They are older than the Rolling Stones in general and play the most boring brand of defensive anti-football in the world. As much as Brazil bothers me, it was good to see them get pummeled.

  7. Joombah says:

    Right, you guys aren’t getting it. He (like Mastroeni, Adu, etc.) CHOSE to the come the US, because it is the most secure, safe, and most prosperous country in the world. And then decides to use it for its resources and opportunity and then turn his back on it when he could do something for it. We have no problem with accepting people, that’s the freaking point. It’s like using a girl for sex and then when she she gets preggo just peacing out. It’s traitorous.

  8. Rinaldo says:

    OMG! You quoted me (the “balanced view” quote is mine)! Thank you :D

  9. bernie dicken says:

    Why would a skilled soccer player WANT to play for the USA? The only way USA soccer can turn around is to stop hiring terrible coaches… Bruce Arena would have made him a WORSE soccer player.

  10. Nicola says:

    America is just an ignorant country

  11. Italo says:

    Whats the problem? He feels like an italian, he lived with his Italian parents in America till 12years. Also i think he is more italian than american. I live since my birth (22years) in switzerland but i’m feeling like an italian you know :D

  12. Benzi says:

    “the most secure, safe, and most prosperous country in the world” seriously? are you kidding me?

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