Brazilian Club Make Fortune By Slapping Che Guevara’s Face On Their New Kit (Photo)

Chris Wright

7th, November 2013


By Chris Wright


Madureira players pose in their ‘revolutionary’ new kit

Brazilian third division side Madureira have enjoyed record shirt sales by simply slapping Che Guevara’s face on the front of their new kit, i.e, the very same tactic people have been using to flog cheap t-shirts, posters, stash tins and energy drinks to clueless student “rebels” for years and years.

The original plan was for Madureira’s seven-a-side team to wear the new ‘Che’ novelty strip (the ‘keeper kit also features a design based on the Cuban flag) for the 50th anniversary of the club’s historic tour of Cuba in 1963. Apparently Che met the players at their Havana hotel and even attended the last match of the five-game jaunt.

However, demand for the strip was so fervent that the club have now chosen to let their full side wear it too after sales rocketed from the usual rate of 10 shirts sold per month to more than 3,000 units being flogged since the ‘Che’ kit was launched.

Madureira’s president Elias Duba told Reuters: “The factory can’t keep up with demand. It’s taken on a whole life of its own. I wasn’t going to have the big team use them, but all the attention has convinced me otherwise.”

Frankly, Senhor Duba, you can keep your cynical Che kit. We still prefer La Hoya Lorca’s audacious broccoli-celebrating effort thank you very much!

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  1. JJ says:

    Bloody great kit.Would have loved something like this in me student days!Love it all the same.Gna have to get hold of that kit from somewhere…Anyone know where to get it?Am guessing the club don’t do overseas posting?

  2. Ha! says:

    Is it lame to wear/posses Che paraphernalia? Probably, yes.

    Is it lame that main stream media – over and over and over – make the claim that society (i.e. “students”) is “clueless” about he who was? YES. We aren’t idiots.

  3. Smirnov says:

    Che-Mart has been selling El Chancho products since 2004.

  4. JJ says:

    Cheers Smirnov!

  5. Jarren says:

    If he looked like the mayor of Toronto nobody would give a fuck about him.

  6. robert says:

    This is so disgusting. Che Guevara was the one who murdered thousands of Cubans. What a shame there are people in this world who still worship a relentless murderer

    • CHE says:

      Are you for real, who told you that old lie ? Where are the photos, where is the data stating that these actions truly took place, it is all fabricated by those who did not have the balls to fight back or were fighting back the corruption of the Batista regime, get the facts straight and do not ask the cubans residing in the USA that escape without helping their fellow cuban citizens,……. read more truthful historical events, do not be pulled by popular ignorance that all they do is repeat why lies they were told.

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