Adidas Give Free ‘Brazuca’ Football To All Brazilian Babies Born On Launch Day Of 2014 World Cup Matchball

Chris Wright

4th, December 2013


By Chris Wright


Yesterday Adidas got round to unveiling their official matchball for the 2014 Brazilian World Cup, the ‘Brazuca’, and decided to put on a mammoth country-wide giveaway to coincide with the launch.

Along with the big reveal, Adidas vowed that every baby born in Brazil on launch day, i.e, Tuesday, would be entitled to a free Brazuca as part of a promotion campaign centred around the concept that every Brazilian is born with a ball “by their feet.”

‘Brazuca’ is an informal word used in Brazil to describe a feeling of national pride, and Adidas are hoping to be able to spread a bit of it around by giving every single baby born on December 3rd a free replica of the matchball that will be used at their home World Cup next summer.

Parents are able to redeem their baby’s ball by turning up with their newborn’s birth certificate between 10am and 6pm on December 6th and 7th at one of Adidas’ designated pick-up points, with one situated in each of the 12 World Cup host cities.

How about that?

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  1. Chris says:

    OK I’m gonna say it – what is adidas doing?! whats with the irregular leather patch designs.

    OK its Brazil…the get flamboyance etc…but wow.

    Again players need to learn to use a ‘new’ type ball six months out from the worldcup. Doesnt seem logical to me.

  2. Fisty McCracken says:

    I’d have thought Adidas would’ve just used one strip down the middle of the ball!

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