Top 10 Devilishly Handsome Italian Football Shirts Of The 1990s

Chris Wright

24th, September 2015



Channel 4’s Football Italia programme gave many an English schoolboy a glimpse into the foreign and elegant world of Serie A in the early to mid 1990’s.

Pies, like many of our brethren, instantly fell head-over-heels in love with these debonair new teams, their fancy nicknames, Jimbo Richardson, his pink newspapers and ornate breakfast pastries, the sound of Peter Brackley’s voice and, of course, the beautiful, beautiful kits on display.

It took a lot of strenuous agonising and some vicious cuts (sorry, fans of Parma’s 1995/97 home strip – you’re about to be disappointed) but we managed to cobble together our Top 10…

10. Sampdoria, home, 1990/91

Far superior to the hideous ‘lace-up neck’ model that followed it…


9. Lazio, home, 1993/95

The archetypal Lazio shirt. Like gazing at a clear blue sky…


8. Torino, home, 1993/94

Appropriately retro Lotto kit, gorgeously rendered in Granata maroon and with the name of a handgun splashed across the front. What’s not to like?


7. Genoa, home, 1991/92

A drop-dead gorgeous half-and-halfer from Errea, once proudly owned by yours truly…



6. Roma, home, 1992/94

Measured, almost 1980’s-esque minimalism from Adidas, but manufactured in what looks suspiciously like velvet…


5. Inter Milan, home, 1995/96

In this scribe’s humble opinion, the Nerazzurri stripes never looked better…


4. AC Milan, home, 1993/94

Stone cold classic. The last Milan kit before the chintzy Opel logo replaced Motta on the front…


3. Italy, home, 1995

The Azzurri have boasted some exquisite kits over the years, but the 1995 shirt was the most molto bene-est of them all…


2. Fiorentina, home, 1993/94

Much, much more agreeable than the infamous swastika-festooned away version


1. Juventus, home, 1995/97

Everything a Juventus shirt should be, and the array of badges still look as cool as a penguin’s chuff…


Care to agree/disagree Pies fans? Any other 1990’s Serie A beauts you want to put forward? Feel free to let us know all about it…

All these shirts are available to purchase (in extremely good nick) over at Classic Football Shirts.

Sorry for nabbing your photos, chaps!

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  1. Casey says:

    Beautiful, simply beautiful. Thanks also for reminding me of Gazzetta Football Italia, aka the best football highlights show of all time.


  2. JP says:

    Fiorentina’s Nintendo sponsored Fila kit is comfortably their nicest; very much a product of its time and yet a timeless classic. It was love at first sight for me since I’d never seen a team play in purple and as a younger I thought that being sponsored by Nintendo was incredibly prestigious! Batigol never looked better. My Italian Au Pair at the time was extremely bemused by my allegiance to La Viola and maybe a little disappointed that I hadn’t chosen Inter like her. I remember she had a Ronaldo shirt which was also extremely cool. I liked how many players in Serie A wore long sleeved shirts which seemed to make them even more stylish.

    P.S. I disagree with the Azzurri shirt, it’s a typically gaudy 90s shirt.

  3. Robin Z says:

    A few of Those are butt ugly. The Cremonese kit should be there.

  4. Chris says:

    I have half of these but yes, the AC Milan ‘Motta’ and Torino ones. Absolute classics!!!

  5. Booms says:

    Still have the Milan shirt… God my gran back in the day to sew the Italian crest on

  6. Eric says:

    I’m disappointed. No mention of the gradient hoops of Parma in the late 90s?

    For shame Pies. For shame.

    • Chris Wright says:

      @Eric: While I love that mid-1990s Parma team to death (Enrico Chiesa is my idol), the strips just weren’t that stylish IMHO.

  7. Geraldo says:

    I thought Palermo would have been given an honourable mention; the first – and until relatively recently, the only – football club to unashamedly go pink. And they even had a Subbuteo team in the 1970s (number 92 in the catalogue if my memory serves me right).

  8. Paul says:

    I agree with most of these, but Fiorentina’s nintendo and the toyota top with the white sleeves (99 i think) were better than the 7 up.

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