Scandal: Fans Revolt After Celebrity Doncaster Rovers Fan Louis Tomlinson Just Happens To Win Kit Design Competition

Chris Wright

6th, April 2016



The Doncaster Rovers fandom is up in arms at the moment after the club’s most prominent celebrity supporter, Louis Tomlinson of One Direction fame, just so happened to win Rovers’ competition to design their new away kit for next season.

Tomlinson teamed up with his granddad Len and submitted a mock-up into the competition, with their 2016/17 shirt duly being selected as one of five designs put to the public vote on Rover’s official website.

The 24-year-old popstrel’s shirt then went on to win with 33.7% of the vote.


Tomlinson’s winning design (Image: DRFC)

While Donny maintain the fact that a massively popular boyband star won their kit competition is merely a coincidence, many fans have refused to see it as such.

Social media was swiftly inundated with messages from suspicious supporters, who questioned the veracity of the club’s “public” vote.



You get the gist.

For what it’s worth, both Doncaster and Tomlinson himself are adamant that everything about the competition was perfectly kosher, with a spokesman for the club telling BBC Sport:

The process for receiving kit designs, shortlisting and the public voting for our kit design competition followed strict legal guidance to ensure that the club adhered to competition law and that all processes were fair.

We are aware that the result of the competition has attracted some negative feedback, but we can assure our fans that the voting process for the 2016/17 shirt designs was all was fair and above board.

Fans also took issue with the fact that Doncaster have now also decided to give away 20 new shirts hand-signed by Tomlinson to eager supporters who pre-order the jersey – almost as if that was their devious plan all along or something.

Such scandal! Such intrigue! Watch this space…

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  1. other dave says:

    It seems like a perfectly reasonable away kit…not sure what the big fuss is! I’d be more suspicious if the winning kit had a giant picture of his mug on it!

  2. Jeremia says:

    I recon that to make it all better, for the 3rd shirt they should employ the other famous Doncaster fan, Jeremy Clarkson.

  3. Maria says:

    Is it possible that it became known before or during the vote which kit had been designed by Tomlinson? Thus his fans responded by voting for that one simply because he’d designed it.

  4. PHIL says:

    The fans didn’t know who had designed the shirts as names weren’t announced till the end but the 4 other shirts to pick from were simply terrible…Fans have posted pics of some great shirts that didn’t make the shortlist…Grandad Len was on the radio last night and despite designing it,seemed to have a lot of trouble when questioned knowing what colour he and Louis had drawn….Really??? lol

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