10 Conclusions: England 0-1 Spain

Ollie Irish

8th, February 2007


England_431 I should have switched the TV off after the first three minutes. England’s exciting attacking play stopped shortly after this.
2 The new England kit really is awful.
3 Peter Crouch cannot play up front by himself. He was impressive in holding the ball up but England’s attacks were too slow and predictable as a result.
4 Although Crouch’s life was not made any easier by a referee who seemed to think it was cheating to jump if you are already 6ft 7in.
5 Shaun Wright Phillips needs regular first team football. He was unstoppable in the opening minutes.

10 Conclusions: England 0-1 Spain continued

6 Frank Lampard and Joey Barton must have spent most of the week preparing their substitution backslap.
7 England are lacking in depth when it comes to world class players (ie take out Rooney and we are struggling).
8 It was good to see Fernando Morientes back on English soil and on English form as he blasted an easy chance over the bar. A familiar sight for Liverpool fans.
9 Micah Richards looks like the genuine article. We can only hope his drive and enthusiasm isn’t dragged down by the rest of the squad.
10 It was disappointing that the likes of Gareth Barry, Jonathan Woodgate, Joey Barton and Kieron Dyer made their England returns/debuts in such a lacklustre performance.
[Rob Parker]

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  1. Jim says:

    Yawn…Alan Shearer’s analysis was more entertaining…

  2. cole says:

    Lampard and Gerrard were woeful. Dyer was, well, dire and my ten month old has a better first touch (not to mention finish) than Crouch. Still, as a Spain supporter I wasn’t complaining!
    Barton and Richards brought an energy to the England team that was hitherto lacking and both should have featured for longer.

  3. Named says:

    wait wait wait… Rooney is world class?

  4. joe says:

    If this is a friendly and experimentation is a major motivation behind these extra fixtures then why play Phil Neville and not Gareth Barry from the start. Why not throw Joey Barton on earlier? SWP is wasted at Chelsea at the moment I hate seeing him on the bench. Crouch is a fucking waste of good oxygen drop him already its like playing with ten men!

  5. Col says:

    I might sound like a Blackburn fan, but why oh why wasn’t Bentley at least in the squad? Man of the Match by a long way in the Under 21s and a lot better than Wright-Philips. Do not get me wrong, when Wright-Philips is having a good day, he’s up there with the best english lads… But he is way out of form and match practice.

  6. Jezza says:

    Good call on SWP, he’s got the talent, just needs a club who’ll actually let him use it. One thing though, why is nothing being said about Second Choice-Steve McClueless? He picked Phil Effing Neville for LEFT BACK when he had Leighton ‘Brilliant’ Baines standing idle. He subbed the only decent player (Gerrard) at half time, whilst keeping in Michael ‘Here you go, Spain’ Carrick and Frank ‘Useless in White & Navy’ Lumpard. The man simply has no idea, and I don’t care what that senile old scot at Man USA says. Sack, sack, sack, and bring in King Kenny.