10 reasons why Ian Holloway should be appointed England manager


26th, March 2007


1 He is not Steve McClaren.
2 Even after a dull 0-0 bore draw with Israel, Ollie would still entertain us with his post-match interview. Whereas McClaren…
3 Ian Holloway could motivate a stone (although whether this is a big a feat as motivating a bunch of overpaid egotists is up for debate!)
4 Ollie is happily married and a true family man. He is therefore unlikely to throw up any embarrassing Sven-style scandals.
5 He would have the balls to substitute Frank Lampard.

10 reasons why Ian Holloway should be appointed England manager continued

6 He’s not afraid to stick it to FIFA.
7 He wouldn’t be scared of picking David Beckham.
8 The last time England had a half-decent manager it was Mike Bassett and he came from a Championship side.
9 Imagine what he would if he won the World Cup…
10 He’s an all-round legend and we love him very much!

What do you reckon? Holloway for England?

[Rob Parker]

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  1. sean says:

    no… without lampard you are even less of a team.. .its the manager and his tactics/formation that make the players look bad eg lampard…
    franks stats for chelsea eg assists/goals/passrate/tackles say everything… oh and compare them with a certain mr gerrard and then come back and see he deserves to be dropped

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lampard is just a fat egotist,he’s an average player being made to look good by playing in a very good team,gerrard is a million times the better player

  3. josh says:

    they are both rubbish we should find some new players that can play football

  4. James Mills says:

    Lol pisser. Lets start a campaign- Holloway 4 England! While we’re at it can we hve Stuart Pearce as his assistant?