Top ten Premiership goals of the season


15th, May 2007


These are our top ten goals of the season. Vote for your fav after the jump.
1 Robin Van Persie vs Charlton

Very few players in the world are capable of scoring a volley like this. Happily for Arsenal fans, Robin van Persie is one of those rare players. Like no other goal I’ve seen and so it wins out as Pies’ favourite Premierhip goal of 2006/07.

2 Michael Essien vs Arsenal

Such a pure strike. Beautiful to watch it curve inside the post. Unstoppable.
3 Matty Taylor vs Everton

A foot like a traction engine, this lad.
4 Paul Scholes vs Aston Villa

Pick that out.
5 Wayne Rooney vs Bolton

The Cristiano & Wayne show. Ronaldo’s feint/nutmeg to start the move is brilliant.
6 Thierry Henry vs Blackburn

As poetic a counter-attack goal as you could wish to see.
7 Didier Drogba vs Liverpool

A great example of how to turn and shoot in one explosive movement.
8 Nicolas Anelka vs Arsenal

Anelka cocks the hammer in style.
9 Mikel Arteta vs Bolton

Lovely dribble and a stylish finish from the best Spanish midfielder on Merseyside (and that includes Xabi Alonso).
10 Didier Drogba vs Everton

The man’s a monster. I wouldn’t like to defend against him.
That’s our Top Ten – vote for your favourite goal below…

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  1. Sheps says:

    Agger vs West Ham!

  2. jig says:

    what about mcfaddens against charlton

  3. Tommy says:

    how about tevez’s first goal against tottenham, the free kick wasnt all that special but what it led to is. and he jumped in the crowd, you cant beat his celebration.
    Count Berbatov had some good ones as well.

  4. Bill says:

    Van Persie!?
    The goal may look good, but watch closely and you’ll see that the ball flies in rather fortunately via Van Persie’s shin pad. ‘Shin of the season’ perhaps, but the proper honour has to go to Scholes.

  5. Joe says:

    Pennant V. Chelsea?

  6. Jay says:

    wheres alonso vs newcastle, crouch vs bolton, agger vs west ham?? did a nevertonian write this artical??

  7. OmegaSupremeho says:

    Trevor Francis: “Such sweet perfection”. The little ginger fella wins it for me.

  8. Zekky says:

    Okay have you ever shinned a ball to the top corner from that far out?
    My guess is no…fluke or not, still an outstanding goal.

  9. choy says:

    has to be scholes u just can’t beat it

  10. Goods says:

    a quality list, though it’s missing Obafemi Martin’s hammer blow against Tottenham.

  11. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    Good shout Goods! Forgot about that blaster