Top ten ways football could change by 2020


14th, February 2008

While we’re still debating over whether to use technology as simple as goal line cameras, there could be far more revolutionary changes to the game in the next ten or twenty years according to The Orange Future of Football Report.
The report has been compiled using a collection of predictions from experts who have examined how sport will develop in the coming decades – and since the ‘Playstation generation’ will be in charge by that time we can expect some radical technological advancements.
But what would the traditionalist think? Here’s a look at ten ways that the game could change as we know it before Theo Walcott even finishes his career.
Source: The Times

1. Robotic officials or even satellite tracking systems will mean no more dodgy offside decisions.
2. Fans will have their own seat consoles at games, allowing them to access information, order drinks and watch replays while pheromones are released to increase their energy levels – anything to get the ‘prawn sandwich brigade off their seats.
3. Laser beams will let everyone know exactly where free-kicks and throw-ins should be taken – no more shuffling up behind the ref’s back.
4. Pitches will be largely artificial and use cloud seeding to create their own micro-climate – so matches will never be postponed.
5. Real time data similar to ProZone analysis will be used by managers to make tactical decisions during a game – maybe Sam Allardyce will actually be good.
6. Advances in sports science and genetics will increase performance and allow players to recover more quickly – good news for Jonathan Woodgate.
7. Kits will use nantochnology – releasing nutrients to replace minerals, kill germs and heal minor injuries.
8. Shirt sponsor logos will change during the game – Man United will probably try releasing two kits during a match.
9. More people will watch games from their homes using 3-D TV screens, which could mean that match supporters are eventually computer generated – no one at The Emirates will notice.
10. Video games will be rendered versions of actual matches, allowing users to play out real scenarios.
Let us know what you think of all this new fangled technology.

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