Top Six: Badge-kissers

Ollie Irish

4th, August 2008

Half a dozen players with a penchant for slobbering on their shirt
adebayor badge-kisser.jpg
1. Emmanuel Adebayor
Got stuck in to his Arsenal badge after scoring against Real Madrid yesterday. That was despite rumours he has been seeking a move to AC Milan all summer and/or using such rumours to hold the club to ransom over a pay rise.

lampard badge.jpg
2. Frank Lampard
He loves the feel of embroidery against his lips on a Saturday afternoon. You could give him a kid’s ‘one length of the pool’ swimming badge and he would still pukka up. Would probably love to get his saliva all over the Inter Milan crest, preferably the one on Jose Mourinho’s breast.
rooney badge.jpg
3. Wayne Rooney
Talk about setting yourself up for a badge-kissing fall. Teenage Wayne Rooney painted himself as the ultimate Evertonian, going as far as to reveal slogan t-shirts stating ‘Once a Blue, always a Blue’ after scoring. But after engineering a move to Old Trafford four years ago, he now loves nothing better than to snog his Man Yoo badge in front of the Goodison Park faithful.
alan smith badge.jpg
4. Alan Smith
Smudger was branded ‘Judas’ by some Leeds fans for kissing the badge and crying as the club was relegated in 2004 only to jump ship for Man Yoo that summer.
savage badge.jpg
5. Robbie Savage
Nothing says I joined you from Birmingham because I claimed I wanted to be closer to my parents in Wrexham (a whole nine minutes drive closer according to Google Maps) but I will join a Championship-bound Derby County if they pay me enough like kissing the Blackburn badge.
hleb badge.jpg
6. Alex Hleb
The ex-Arsenal man hadn’t even kicked a ball for Barca and he’d already got his tongue wrapped around the badge. By far the seediest badge kiss of all time.

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