Top 10 links of the day: It’s up for grabs now, the 20th anniversary of Anfield ’89

Ollie Irish

26th, May 2009

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Today’s links are brought to you by the glory of Michael Thomas

1. Twenty years ago today, Arsenal won some trophy at Anfield. “It’s up for grabs now!” Yeah, you remember it… [@ Arseblog]
2. Ten million fake football shirts seized by German customs. [@ Football Shirt Culture]
3. Dimitar Berbatov: It’s not easy to look this lazy. [@ Dirty Tackle]
4. Another Premier League Team of the Season, this time with only one player per club allowed. [@ The Spoiler]
5. How the Bundesliga was won. [@ Some People Are On the Pitch]

6. Video: Alex Ferguson talks ahead of Wednesday’s Champions League final. [@ ITV]
7. More bad news for Steven Cohen, the Hillsborough denier. [@ Dan Loney]
8. Nemanja Vidic ready to win the Champions League final by any means necessary. [@ BBC]
9. Rio Ferdinand set to win CL fitness battle. [@ Guardian]
10. Ruud van Nistelrooy could be on the verge of a move to Galatasaray. [@ Sport]