Top 11 footballers who cried on the pitch

Ollie Irish

29th, July 2009


It’s OK, let it all out. Mummy’s here…
1. Pele
A 17-year-old Pele cries on the shoulder of Didi as teammates Gilmar and Orlando congratulate him on his fantastic performance in the 1958 World Cup final.

2. Eusebio
The Portuguese legend in tears after his country’s defeat by England in the 1966 World Cup semi final.
3. Paul Gascoigne
Gazza famously opened his floodgates at Italia 90.
4. Carsten Jancker
The huge, shaven-headed German cried like a baby after Bayern lost to Man Utd in the 1999 Champions League final in Barcelona. How we laughed.
5. Francesco Totti
You can trust an emotional Italian to make this list. Totti broke down after Italy’s painful defeat by France in the final of Euro 2000.
6. David Seaman
Strapping Yorkshiremen don’t cry, surely? But Safe Hands did (albeit behind his gloves), after Arsenal lost to arch rivals Spurs in the 1991 FA Cup semi final.
7. Thierry Henry
TH14 cried before the start of the 2003 Confed Cup semi final between France and Turkey, in the aftermath of the tragic death of Marc-Vivien Foe during the other semi final, Cameroon v Columbia.
8. William Gallas
Billy G isn’t afraid of his emotions. Here he lets it all out after Chelsea’s loss to Liverpool in the 2005 Champions League semi final.
9. John Terry
One of my favourite football photos of all time.
10. Emmanuel Eboue
The unpopular Arsenal defender shed a tear or two last season when he was roundly booed by his own fans during the Gooners’ 1-0 win over Wigan at the Emirates Stadium.
11. Cristiano Ronaldo
C-Ron has blubbed more than once on the pitch – of course he has. Here he cries after Man Utd’s defeat by Arsenal in the 2005 FA Cup final. Touching.