Crystal Palace Fan Launches ‘Anti-Diving’ Petition To Have Christian Benteke Banned And Liverpool Docked Six Points

Chris Wright

8th, March 2016



Another day, another bloody petition.

Indeed, one Crystal Palace fan was left sufficiently irked in the wake of Sunday’s controversial 2-1 defeat against Liverpool that he felt compelled to lobby the FA.

After watching Christian Benteke go a-sprawlin’ in the box to win a 94th-minute penalty, aggrieved Palace supporter Adam Greeves launched a petition with the express intent of having the Belgian striker banned for his crimes against sporting integrity.

The spiel reads:

During the Premier League game on Sunday 6th March 2016 between Crystal Palace and Liverpool in the 94th minute Liverpool player Christian Benteke DIVED to con the refereeing officials to award Liverpool with a penalty which subsequently won them the game.

According to the football association or “FA” diving or “simulation” is against the rules.

We, fans of Crystal Palace, demand that the FA look into this decision and if found that Christian Benteke did simulate contact he should be banned for a number of games and Liverpool Football Club “LFC” to be fined 6 points at a minimum.

We understand that the result of the game cannot be changed but the FA need to come down on this sort of behaviour.

Greeves demands that the FA should ban Benteke indefinitely and dock Liverpool six points for “condoning simulation”.

While we kind of agree in principle, the words ‘wind’ and ‘pissing angrily in the’ almost immediately spring to mind.

The sooner you give in and simply accept that diving is an entrenched and fundamental element of professional football these days, the happier we’ll all be.

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  1. ali says:

    this is the fanniest idea ever.

  2. Billious says:

    What a dickhead,

  3. Jarren says:

    I know that he’s a fan of Palace and all, but of all the “dives” I’ve seen over the past 15-20 years that Benteke one is pretty inconclusive.

    I detest cheating diving buggers, but I am still on the fence with this one. The knee definitely makes contact with the leg. Ok, Benteke falls to the floor like he’s just discovered there’s a biscuit shortage, but there WAS contact.

    It’s those shameless no contact drama queens that REALLY get my tits in a spin.

  4. Liverpoolwongetoverit says:

    To Adam Greeves

    We all know who you are!
    You’re that gormless fat kid, who cried at every opportunity…you’d cry when a rain drop touched you…you cried when the ice cream van left, because you were too fat to get there in time… you cried when you were put in goal and a gust of wind blew the ball past your squat round frame to which you promptly picked up your ball sobbing to tell all your friends “I’m not playing anymore, I’m going home”!!!
    Even now when you’re older you can’t accept anything which goes against you…

    Grow a pair!

  5. punchdrunk says:

    Coming from a fan of team that has Wilfried Zaha in its ranks! They got promoted from the championship on the strength of the 1000+ penalties that diving twat won.

    So jog on Adam, you sore-losing shithouse.

  6. P says:

    “We understand that the result of the game cannot be changed but the FA need to come down on this sort of behaviour”

    Where did the request for docking 6 points come from then? Diving is diving, it’s dishonest, infuriating, and shameful depending on perspective. This is why it is a yellow card offence.

    When has a team ever been docked points for a yellow card? Even in the most corrupt reaches of world football…

    Loving the “DIVED” in all caps though, gave me a good laugh.

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