Liverpool: Philippe Countinho Somehow Manages Not To Slap Dozy Selfie-Seeking Fan After Europa League Final Defeat (Video)

Chris Wright

19th, May 2016



Our hat truly goes off to Philippe Coutinho who, despite being obviously distraught having just lost a European cup final, somehow managed not to do a selfie-seeking fan an extreme physical discourtesy in the aftermath of the match.

The oblivious supporter charged over and attempted to take a photo with the Liverpool man, who just about managed to feign interest long enough for the grinning imbecile to take his silly picture…

How he didn’t snap, we’ll never know. Incredible powers of self-control.

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  1. JP says:

    Hanging is too good for these cunts. Surely the expense incurred from throwing their phones under a set of studs would be worth the satisfaction it would bring. Besides, matey would be able to dine out for months with the story “Philippe Coutinho smashed my phone”, whereas nobody wants to see his shitty photo.

  2. One Man Went to Mow says:

    ‘despite being obviously distraught having just lost a *European cup final’

    *Europa League Final

    There is a rather large difference.

    • JS says:

      It is an European cup final, the only error was to use “a” instead of “an.”

    • Pedant Ahoy says:

      “*a* European cup final”. The usage here is entirely valid since it isn’t referencing a specific cup final.

    • Taribo’s pigtails says:

      If I may be so bold as to out-pedantic your pedanticness, Chris rightly alludes that it was ’a cup final’ in a ’European’ competition. Hence ’a European cup final’ is both factually and grammatically correct.

      Had he capitalised the ’C’ in cup and preceded European with ’the’ rather than ’a’, you’d have a valid point.

      I’d personally like to believe that Chris knows the difference between ’the European Cup final’ and ’a European cup final’. There is a rather large difference.

  3. maria says:

    The Europa League is a European Cup.

    A European Cup. The European Cup. There is rather a large difference.

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