UEFA: Man Utd Escape Punishment Over Horrendous Hillsbrough Chants Sung During Europa League Defeat Against Liverpool

Chris Wright

14th, March 2016



UEFA have confirmed that Manchester United will not be punished after their fans sang offensive chants about the Hillsborough disaster during last week’s Europa League game against Liverpool.

The away fans at Anfield could clearly be heard singing “The Sun was right, you’re murderers” at several junctures throughout the game. We thoroughly doubt you need the implication explained.

However, United have managed to escape sanctions as the chants were not included in the referee’s report, leaving UEFA with no disciplinary case to answer.

A spokesman said:

We inform you that the reports of the match officials did not include any mention of the alleged incidents, therefore no disciplinary proceedings have been opened for this.

UEFA also confirmed that they will be paying much closer attention to the chanting when the two teams meet again at Old Trafford this coming Thursday.

It’d be just plum dandy if everybody in attendance could just act like sodding grown-ups for once.

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  1. Dr. Marcos Fortunidis says:

    No fine = must be true

  2. usrick says:

    If the BPL, the FA, or whomever intends to discipline clubs for the chants of supporters, they will need to have some representative present to listen to those chants. The referee and other officials already have more than enough to pay attention to.

  3. Padders says:

    I’d love Liverpool to have the balls to just say, no away support at the next Liverpool v man utd game.

  4. Maria says:

    Had it been an EPL game with an English ref he may well have included in his report and action would have been taken. As this was a Europa League match, the ref probably didn’t understand either what the fans were chanting or the significance so didn’t include it.

    It’s an odd rule that needs more flexibility. What exactly is the argument against using TV footage etc to retroactively take action for something not directly involved on the pitch?

  5. Jarren says:

    I hope that both sets of supporters can cheer on their teams and leave the vile goading to the history books, where such chants belong.

    Give it a rest, lads. Support your teams, give the other side some stick, but not about people who have died.

    For fuck’s sake.

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