THE VOTE Is the Premiership Big Four now a Big Five? Or, can Spurs really win the title?


23rd, July 2007


73200940.jpgThe business end of the Premiership has been dominated in recent years by the Big Four, namely Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool. Few teams have even come close to challenging that dominance, but Chelski boss Jose Mourinho believes that Spurs are now strong enough to challenge that group this coming season, and thus create a ‘Big Five’.
I have to say I agree with him, up to a point. Spurs have their strongest squad in more than a decade and will certainly give the big four a very good game this season. But I thought that to be one of the Prem’s so-called ‘big’ teams meant that you had a chance of actually winning the title, and I don’t think that Spurs are in that position… yet. They can’t win the title in 2007/08 – no way. They could conceivably finish in third or fourth, but consistency, or lack of it, will be their downfall, again. What say you? Are Spurs now genuine championship contenders, as Mourinho suggests? I’d suggest that rather than a big five, it’s more like a big three who can actually win the Prem: Man Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool, at a push.

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  1. Adam says:

    I tend to be skeptical when I hear about Spurs shooting into 3rd or 4th this season. They just barely made it to 5th place last season, and finished closer to 10th than to 4th (taking goal differential into account).
    As everyone knows, spending big money doesn’t guarantee anything, especially when you buy and overpriced striker (doubling so considering they hardly needed to improve that area!).
    It would take a serious lapse in one of the top 4 teams for Spurs (or anyone else for that matter) to sneak into a Champion’s League spot. Spurs will be competing against Bolton, Everton, etc. this season again for UEFA cup action, rather than Arsenal and Liverpool for Champion’s League spots.

  2. Visser says:

    It’s been a top two for years, Arsenal’s demise has been quite shocking considering their strength a few years ago. Liverpool lack that cut throat attitude against smaller teams to really push for the title and I feel that still to be true. Tottenham can get into the champion’s league though. I feel they possibly have a stronger team than arsenal now, but as far as the trophy goes, its only going to be a two horse race this year.

  3. Joe says:

    They conceded more goals than anyone last year, so a lot will depend on how long Ledley King can stay fit and/or how quickly Kaboul will settle in. Cos mounting a serious Prem challenge with Anthony Gardner and Michael Dawson in the centre of your defence is a heroically Sisyphean task. They’ll also need a new keeper, cos Robinson is average at best, and a single, reliable and top class central midfielder in the vein of Gerrard, Carrick and Essien.

  4. Bleustilton says:

    Tottenham, I’m afraid, will finish 5th or 6th. People are seriously underestimating Arsenal I think, and they seem to forget that Spurs’ central midfield is pretty weak. They don’t have a player like Fabregas, Gilberto, Essien, Gerrard, or Mascherano. Their depth isn’t what it should be, and I just think people are really underestimating what Arsenal can do next season. It’s interesting that when Arsenal buy young players, they’re “going backwards” or something, and when Tottenham buy young players, they’re going to challenge for the title. Quite ironic, no? Newcastle, Everton, and I think Manchester City will also make things difficult for them.

  5. Anonymous says:

    spurs all the way!