Top Ten Ginger Footballers

Ollie Irish

23rd, July 2007


Wes_BROWN.jpgThere’s been a lot in the national press recently about how unfairly the poor old gingers are being treated – it seems they’re the last scapegoats for people to pick on in this politically correct world we live in.
Well, instead of playing knock down ginger we’ve put together a list of the top ten ginger footballers who have ignored the taunts and become role models for red heads everywhere:

1. Paul Scholes (Manchester United)
The ‘Ginga-ninja’ himself
2. Alan Ball (RIP)
Not many gingers can claim a World Cup winner’s medal
3. Gordon Strachan (Celtic manager)
Must feel more at home north of the border
4. John Arne Riise (Liverpool)
No amount of hair dye can cover the Norwegian’s ginger roots
5. Steve MacLaren (England manager)
Now derided for something other than his hair colour
6. Alexi Lalas (LA Galaxy general manager)
Had it and flaunted it – although, thankfully the goatee is now gone
7. Ray Parlour (ex Arsenal, Middlesbrough and Hull)
Looks like a male version of gardening presenter, Charlie Dimmock
8. John Hartson (West Bromwich Albion)
Maybe going bald isn’t such a bad thing after all?
9. Alex McLeish (Scotland manager)
Another Scot that shouldn’t spend too much time out in the sun
10. Wes Brown (Manchester United)
Brown by name – but strangely ginger by nature