Which Premier League club has the most annoying fans?

Ollie Irish

14th, July 2009


A simple vote, just because I’d be interested to see which fans ‘win’. (I know who my money is on, just as I know who I’d vote for - every time - but I won’t say just now.)
So let it out… which team’s fans do you find the most irritating, self-righteous, idiotic etc?
Vote below:

Ah… that felt good.

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  1. ABU says:

    Above this blog entry on the front page it says Liverpool. Is that a clue to your answer?

  2. Sheps says:

    Well it’s clearly Liverpool but as a United fan that Heysel shit has to stop.
    But open it up to the rest of the premiership and I think we can all agree Stoke take it hands down. Bunch of absolute pricks.

  3. Ala says:

    Liverpool fans, going on and on about ‘their history’ as a topic change for when I mention Liverpool not winning the League. Again.

  4. Murfmensch says:

    In the US, Chelsea fans are the most annoying by far. They hate the players for costing so much and yet not winning every game. They like the ref-baiting and join Drogba’s antics. There’s not a lot of football for them to watch so they just wait for goals like moronic Baseball fans wait for home runs.
    Many Arsenal fans read Nick Hornby or were won over by Henry’s play for France. They tend to be all right.
    Spurs (the club I adopted) are more popular than one would think. Those fans tended to have looked around and found the drama and tragedy amusing. That lasts for about two years and then an actual desire for winning kicks in.
    While I am not a pollster, I’d guess that half of American Spurs fans don’t mind Arsenal so much and dislike Chelsea more.
    Although that 5-1 win was great.

  5. Collie says:

    Yeah the Liverpool above it and the obvious reference to liverpool by saying ‘calm down’ means you think its liverpool so you should have just said it out. Liverpool fans can be bad but its chelsea for me, they really get to me for some reason

  6. Newfield Chris says:

    Its gotta be Stoke. Arrogant arseholes think they’re too good for their own farts now but still obsess about Port Vale despite us being 3 leagues apart. Obviously I’m not biased in any way, shape or form ;)

  7. Lupek says:

    Alright, I’m not British, I don’t live in the UK, never have, technically I have nothing in common with the country.
    I just happen to like the Prem much more than I like the league in my country. To the extent that I’d prefer watching Wigan – West Ham over the top two teams here.
    I can’t really call myself a ‘fan’ of a club, when I’ve never even been to the city, right? So I’m more of a fan of the league, even though I like some clubs more than others.
    I do like the football culture, but I really don’t get the hatred. I understand why there is banter, and I’m fine with it. But it goes too far on many occasions – and I’m only limited to seeing the stuff on the web.
    In particular, individuals calling the dwellers of a city 40 miles away from their home ‘scum’ are blithering idiots in my book.
    I do feel the supporters of one particular club excel at annoying me with stupidity, but I’ll stop short of naming it, so that everyone else can’t feel too good about themselves either.

  8. Art says:

    As an american gunner, I agree with Murfmensch about the Chelsea thing. Being around their fans are worse than getting a root canal

  9. Anonymous says:

    Why on earth wasn’t Newcastle given as an option? (Yes, I know they’re down, but still….) They’d have been easy winners!

  10. gooner says:

    Chavsea. Cause they’re either gloryhunting prawn sandwich eaters or nazis. Or both.
    And they’re all inbred

  11. alex says:

    im gonna have to say chelsea, i just dont like em. i go to spurs games when they play each other, and i look over at the chelsea fans and they just look really annoying.. and their cheers are worthless…

  12. Goaty says:

    The Stokies comment – is that because they outsang and outwitter your boys with the very classic: –
    He dives like a tart – he cries like a kid – your boy Ronaldo – Loves Real Madrid!!?

  13. Craig says:

    Liverpool fans banging on about their history, crucifying other fans of being bandwagon’ers and glory chasers but yet overlooking the fact that they themselves became fans after Istanbul?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Definitely Liverpool. Girls flailing over Torres, everyone going on and on about 4-1 even though they won fuck all this season.

  15. wllmhll says:

    im a manchester united fan and i cant stand other manchester united fans as much as liverpool’s and chelsea’s.

  16. megaman789 says:

    so many manchester united fans moaning about Liverpool proves they are the worst fans…
    Liverpool fans sing their songs while United use music player…
    Our fans cheer till the end, manu fans were leaving 5 mins. early…
    I’m probably the 1st man here saying united fans are shit in this article yet manures are leading in the “worst fans”!!!

  17. inyerface says:

    manChester UNiTed – simply cunts
    closely followed by chelsea scum

  18. adam cochrane says:

    It’s Portsmouth away fans that bloody drum drives me mental!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. mandible says:

    Man U fans, hands down. So used to playing with 14 on their team that an occasional referee decision against them is a major tragedy.
    Most notably of late, the false theory: “We lost the community shield because of the referee.”

  20. Anonymous says:

    Possibly being one of the earliest US born Spurs fans there may be some bias here, but in the states it seems that US Arsenal fans have a snobbish attitude about them that I have never seen in any typical US fan base.

  21. Anonymous says:

    as a city fan I cant stand utd, for obvious reasons.
    but worst / most annoying fans are lfc by a mile.
    bitter towards other clubs, self righteous, really knowledgeable(snore)
    unable to take any criticism whatsoever.

  22. blueboy says:

    As a city fan I cant stand Utd,obviously, but the worst fans by far are Lfc
    They’re self righteous, very bitter towards other clubs,unable to take any critisism
    & have core of real skanky s#@t throwing brick throwing knobs.

  23. Barca Cule says:

    I don’t support any team in the PL, and I found to be Liverpool fans the most annoying in general, but recently Chelsea have overtaken them imo, so many annoying glory hunters who know nothing about football. Real City fans are decent, but the glory hunters are absolutely unbearable (same with United).

  24. Siy says:

    Liverpool fans easily.

    They think they have a divine right to slag off others clubs but when their own club is on the receiving end they get aggressive and accuse others of being obsessed, jealous, bitter etc

    They are so sanctimonious, plus have a deserved reputation as the most abusive on the internet.

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