Can we stop talking about Micah Richards and let him do his job

Ollie Irish

22nd, September 2020

Micah Richards is trending on Twitter again, and once again it’s not for the right reason; the right reason is, he’s the most refreshing new mainstream football pundit to hit our screens in a long time, probably since Gary Neville brought a more in-depth approach to the job. Richards is articulate, witty, goofy, self-deprecating, and knows his stuff – he’s genuinely watchable. He fills a studio like he fills a suit. He also brings out the best in the broadcasters around him. I mean, Christ, are we all happy to suffer the likes of Danny Murphy and Martin Keown drying paint until the end of time?

So let him get on with it, instead of forcing him to defend himself live on TV just because a bunch of Twitter morons say the only reason why he works in the media is because he is black, i.e. it’s a “box-ticking” exercise. People who use the phrase “box-ticking” in this context often seem to have a British flag in their profile, or they might have used the #AllLivesMatter hashtag without realising how despicably stupid it is. The clues are there, and let’s not hide behind euphemisms: in many cases, these people are racists.

Ronay is absolutely right here. Literally thousands of ex-pros-turned-pundits have been given air-time over the years, and the majority of them have been mediocre at best. Many have been abject – but how many have had to defend themselves in this way?

I don’t want to hear Richards talking about race, I want to hear him talking about football. I want to hear him laugh raucously, or get one over on Roy Keane…

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