Real Madrid: Rafa Benitez Gives Us An Exclusive VIP Guided Tour Of His New Office (Photos)

Chris Wright

3rd, June 2015


By Chris Wright

Having been officially sworn in as Real Madrid’s latest head coach this morning, Rafa Benitez has been busy settling himself in at the club’s Valdebebas training HQ.

In a Pies exclusive, we were invited to join him as he gave us the ol’ VIP tour around his new environs…

“Hola amigos! I’m Rafa and I’ll be your guide today on our tour of Valdebebas – my humble base of operations for the next 10 months or so.”

“Right, that’s the introductions done. Let’s get a wriggle on, shall we? Follow me, dorks…”

“Those are the training pitches. It’s funny how from way up here the people look like…well, slightly smaller people. Makes you think don’t it?”

“Two different types of astroturf. Drink it in, bitches.”

“Very green, aren’t they? ‘Verdant’ you might say. ‘Lush’, even…”

“I had to play hard-ball to get this little bobby dazzler written into my contract, but here it is: my personal shaving mirror.”

“This is the new office, which will henceforth be referred to as “The Sex Cabin” at all times. Door’s a bit tricky, mind you…”

“Bingo! We’re in…”

“These are mostly Ancelotti’s old shit-nacks: staplers; paperweights; eyebrow tweezers…”

“As always, my favourite photo of the classic Bolton Wanderers team of 1950 takes pride of place.” 

“This beautiful enchantress is Zizou. She dances for me on request.”

“Right, that’s your lot cockers. Please exit through the gift shop, and not a word to Flo Perez about The Sex Cabin, y’hear?”

(Photo: Getty)