Smooth Operator: Cristiano Ronaldo Finds Lost Phone In Las Vegas, Tracks Down Owner, Takes Her Out For Dinner

Chris Wright

7th, July 2015


By Chris Wright

For maximum effect, set this playing before reading on…

Right, now that the mood music is sorted let’s press ahead.

Cristiano Ronaldo is currently gadding about in Las Vegas, making the most of his dwindling summer holiday before the bitter grind of pre-season bites once again.

Indeed, the Real Madrid man stumbled across a lost phone on his travels and, being the thoroughly decent sort he is, got in contact with the owner in an attempt to return the misplaced handset.

Ronaldo then set about reuniting the phone with its rightful owner, a young lady by the unlikely name of Austin Woolstenhulme…

She wasn’t fibbing either.

After tracking Austin down and returning her phone, Ronaldo even went as far as inviting her and her friends out for dinner at the XS restaurant in the swanky Wynn hotel he was staying at…

We’d say he’s definitely up on the deal.

Smooth as an otter’s chuff, that bloke – quite literally…