Rangers TV signs up Clive Tydesley for match commentary

Ollie Irish

3rd, August 2020

After ITV Sport’s baffling snub, Clive Tyldesley has signed up to be one of the main matchday commentators for Rangers TV, a leftfield signing and no mistake. This is a bit like fitting a supercar engine to a vintage banger, but who wouldn’t want to hear Clive calling the Old Firm derby.

Rangers fans seemed surprised but happy with their new signing, before realising he won’t actually be pulling on his boots for them next season.

I’m sure there are some top-tier TV commentators who wouldn’t even consider a move to a club’s channel, but Tyldesley loves what he does and that’s what makes him so good – quite why Sky Sports still use Martin Tyler when they could get Tyldesley in, is a mystery to me.

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