What Is AC Milan’s Best Five-Aside Team?

Ollie Irish

1st, October 2010


By Ollie Irish

If you had to select the best five-aside team from your club’s squad, who would be in it? There can be only five, as they once said in Highlander (sort of). Today we do AC Milan, a creaking squad largely made-up of egos and old men.

CHRISTIAN ABBIATI – Milan’s first-choice keeper, so I’ll stick with him, the big bald fascist.

THIAGO SILVA –  Brazilian defender with plenty of speed and athleticism. Comfortable on the ball too. Thiago gets the nod over the likes of Nesta and Zambrotta, simply because he doesn’t yet need a bus pass. Zing!

MATHIEU FLAMINI – Don’t tell anyone, but I always had a soft spot for Flamini. I think he’d be the perfect goal-to-goal midfielder in five-aside: he’s strong, intelligent and has a wicked shot.

KEVIN-PRINCE BOATENG – Powerful, direct, energetic, fast, tattooed, good on the ball. I take in-form KP and his many tats over men like Pato and Robinho (on recent evidence that is).

ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC – Hard as nails, immensely skilful in a tight spot. Okay, he’d be the worst five-aside goal hanger you’ve ever seen, but if things got heated, you’d want the Big Z on your team.

So no place for Milan’s party animals, Robinho and Ronaldinho. No Gattuso or Pirlo either. Agree/disagree with our selection?

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