Football Shithouses of the Week: Eric Lamela and Luke Shaw

Ollie Irish

6th, October 2020

It’s a joint award this week, but the instances came from the same match. First up, we have Eric Lamela:

Last season, Jose Mourinho asked his Spurs players to quit the nice guy routine and start behaving like c**ts. This was never a problem for Coco Lamela, who has always been a glorious little shithouse at heart – he just doesn’t get the playing time to make the most of it. Remember when he called Jack Wilshere a pussy and started a big brawl in the North London Derby. Lamela’s face says it all:

Peak shithousery.

There’s no doubt that the Argentinean, whose floor routine resulted in a red card for Anthony Martial, would have earned a wink and a “You did good” from Mourinho after Sunday’s 6-1 shellacking of Man Utd.

Lamela’s behaviour at Old Trafford was the trigger for Luke Shaw’s frustrated, petty tackle on Lucas Moura:

THAT’S A RED ALL DAY LONG! I dunno though, it’s a bad challenge but I’d call it a straight orange card – a yellow didn’t grind my gears. People banging on like it’s the worst tackle they’ve ever seen need to educate themselves…

That’s what a horror tackle actually looks like.

I don’t blame Shaw for being utterly fed up by the time he took Moura’s legs away. I would be too if my skipper pulled me back as I was trying to prevent a goal.

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