Why Arsenal Are Wrong To Warn Jack Wilshere For Tottenham Abuse

Sam Diss

1st, June 2015


Everyone has this picture of footballers in their head: finely-tuned athletic machines with more money than Jesus and 3mm pump-needle holes for anuses.

Their life is football and there’s nothing more to it than that, dedicating themselves solely to the concept of putting balls in nets, bums on seats and trophies in trophy cabinets.

So it was a shock – a quite nice one – when Jack Wilshere, Hertfordshire’s British bulldog with a flag in the ground and the Queen’s own mush printed onto his bloody, beating heart, had some fun taking the mick out of Arsenal’s closest rivals, Tottenham Hotspur, while parading around Islington to celebrate the Gunners’ FA Cup win on Sunday afternoon.

Footballers aren’t supposed to be like real people. They’re supposed to be gleaming totems of success and professionalism and marketing – god bless you, o sweet marketing campaigns – and Wilshere’s sticking two up at their North London rivals brought him into the realm of the IRL.

He’s been given a hard time on social media for the injuries, fags and lacklustre performances but now here he is – bucket hat on, three Breezers deep, having fun and doing exactly what any fan would in his position.

Regardless, Arsenal have since reportedly taken Wilshere aside and warned him about his conduct…again.

His goal against West Brom on the final day of the season was one of the purest, cleanest strikes I’ve ever seen. He met a knock-down on the half-volley to scream one past a goalkeeper who might as well have not even been there. By all accounts, it was a dream goal.

He’s celebrating this relative comeback with a fist and a few curse words – why should that be punished? Promoting a rivalry is not only necessary for the game and its sponsors, it humanises these people to fans. Literally anything that brings these overpaid man-children closer to fans should be applauded.

God bless you, Jack Wilshere. You are us, and we are you: you are the manifestation of the collective fan id, only you’ve got a sweet left foot. You are throwing your pie and pint at away fans while celebrating a last minute header made flesh.

You, Jack Andrew Gary Wilshere, are football.

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  1. Essex Yid says:

    So when he gets a slap from a drunken Spurs fan the next time he is seen out on the town, you will agree its all just part of football?

  2. tom says:

    What a load of bollocks.

  3. Gaz1882 says:

    So you are saying he’s right to sing expletives in front of hundreds of children?! Fair enough have a pop at your rivals, but even some of his team mates looked embarrassed at his language in front of the kids.

  4. bob says:

    You are so wrong. I have supported Tottenham for over 60 years and always hated Arsenal BUT up until recent years they were always a club with standards and dare I say classy. It seems that modern footballers go out of their way to act like idiots. I do not put it down to youth either. All footballers start young !
    Oh and what was Ray Parlour discussing it for on Talk Sport. I still remember his song just a few years ago which was far worse.

  5. Sarah G says:

    What a pathetic article written by a pseudo yank who thinks he could have some talent. Little rickets wilshere has shown no professionalism at all and is obviously fearing for his future if he can so glaringly be currying favour with the gooners in such a brazen fashion. I have to agree you obviously think lil wilshere deserves a big slap too if he is caught in the wrong place,all abuse is part of football isn’t it?

  6. Pj says:

    Good luck on an evening out Jackie boy! Lot Spurs fans around Hitchen and Hertfordshire! Your a braver piss head than me, lol

    it’s all banter, although he is basically a little squad player who touches the ball the 35 times every 2 ft he runs, no end product, no real pace, much ado about nothing really, he’s known more for getting drunk than playing football.

    At least Parlor could play a bit.

  7. Stumps says:

    You are writing about 2 football teams here. Is it too much to ask that you spell both their names right? really? Tottenham HOTSPUR!! There is no s on the end and a single cursory proofread could have caught this.

  8. Johnno says:

    At last a bit of common sense. We dont like the stinking Yids and we dont want any of our players to like them either. If they had a few players Wilshere in their team then maybe they wouldnt keep finishing below us in the league. 20 years and counting and the Gap is about to get bigger. Good on you Jack boy, stick it right up the filthy Cu*ts. Anyway, good article mate. FIOS.

    • 'Ang on says:

      Hitler didn’t like “the stinking Yids” either. Stay classy.

      • Johnno says:

        I`m not sure what old Adolf has to do with it but there you go. You call yourselves Yids and in my experience the majority of you do actually smell. Anyway, some of the hysteria surrounding this is absolutely ridiculous/hilarious. I realize that not many stinking Yids will be able to read but FFS switch on the TV and watch a bit of news will you? All the shit thats going on in the world right now and all you lot of soppy cu*ts want to do is moan about a young kid going on the booze and having a bit of banter with the crowd. Sad fuck*rs.

    • FatherJack says:

      You’re nearly as classy as Wilshere there Johnno

      • Johnno says:

        Cheers for the compliment mate but when I was 23 years old I was nowhere near as classy. Anyway enjoy your summer ladies, this time next year you`ll finish above The Arsenal. Hahaha, what a load of plonkers.

  9. lodvic says:

    At 19, whilst drunk, he spat into a 60 year old taxi drivers face because the taxi driver was wearing a spurs hat. His family and club both issued statements saying he is only 19 and adjusting to the lime light and is very sorry. Over the weekend he was basically drunk and disorderly and singing obsenaties to children. Its probaly time people stopped appologising for this idiotic man child. If he wasnt a footballer he’d probably be wearing a stone island jacket, carrying a knife and looking for people smaller and weaker than him that he and his mates could gang up on. Some hero!

  10. gamblino says:

    Who the hell has ‘Gary’ as a middle name?!

  11. Alan Morell says:

    First and foremost,yes i am a yid, Yes, it is actually an offence to swear on the streets, it could also be insighting voilence, it was not clever of him, HOWEVER i agree in some parts that it is great for him to show his passion, and he was just trying to give the fans something they wanna hear.
    Seems that he makes ALOT of bad decisions, yes i think he needs a arm around him to reign him in sometimes, because yes he will get into trouble, also there is the matter of playing with Tottenham players for his country, hardly a model of team playing slagging off their clubs no matter how big a rival you are.
    Wilshire could be such a big talent, however personally i think he is gonna throw his career away at some point because hes a liability to himself and his country.

  12. baggyshorts says:

    So you actually believe that a player who shows his ignorance and drags his club to the gutter is a hero, not a thick knucklehead. Perhaps you might ask him how many points his club took from Tottenham this season? If he believes that Tottenham are S### where does that put Arsenal on recent results against them?
    Regards Baggyshorts

  13. AndrewJr says:

    Dear Sam, genuine question here, not just a Spurs fans babbling on about swearing (is anyone thinking about the children?!?!!!)…

    Why do you deem it important to humanise a player or bring them ‘closer’ to the fans?
    “Literally anything that brings these overpaid man-children closer to fans should be applauded.” I don’t get it, why?

  14. FatherJack says:

    Chelsea fans parading a replica Premier League Trophy outside the Emirates. “They have no class” “Obsessed”

    Arsenal fans on Jack Wilshere
    “Brilliant” “What a hero” “Pure Class”

    Can anyone tell me how 3rd place finish and the FA Cup is worth more than the Premier League and League Cup so that the Arsenal fans vote on Facebook to get Team and Manager of the season.

    Stay classy Arsenal fans

  15. Old Brontosaurus says:

    So Wilshere is brainless and has no manners; if that makes him like a ‘real’ football fan then so be it. Swearing in front of children isn’t smart, the song is unpleasant and, from what I see of Wilshere, so is he. Arsenal has historically been a club of some class, the manager certainly is, but Wilshere is an embarrassment to true Gunner supporters.

  16. the69ersfc says:

    Mis-judged your crowd a bit there hey Sam?

  17. blackstock_gooner says:

    Any Spurs fan acting appalled by the chants has obviously never been to a north London derby. The same 3 chants are sung continually *whoever* Arsenal are playing. They’re not new either.

    I’m sure the spurs team would love to sing their filth wenger pedo songs to their fans @ a victory parade. Thing is they’d actually have to win something first, there’s no victory parade for talking about what you’re going to win next season.

  18. Dean says:

    To all the fools complaining about swearing on the victory parade… What do you think was sung repeatedly through the game?

    Surely if there’s an issue here then you think they should crack down on chanting it in the stadiums as well?

    To my mind the man just asked what was shit and got a reasonable response from a group of informed people.

    We hate tottenham and we hate tottenham!

    • Stumps says:

      If it was anything like the Emirates, nothing was sung at the game. There is a reason opposition fans liken Arsenal’s home to a library!!

      • Charlie George says:

        That’s the usual bullshit trotted out by armchair pundits who don’t realise that TV coverage mutes the crowd noise whenever there’s swearing. Try going to the emirates & sitting in the north bank.

        I came back from the match & watched the bbc coverage (mainly to repeat Sanchez goal), where they commented on how deafeningly loud it was several times.

        Spurs? perhaps one day your rabble will finally make it to a final and show us how its done. Because the last time spurs won the league unfortunately films were still silent.

  19. Mclovin says:

    You’ve gotta love Jack, like football itself, The Sun, The News of the World (RIP), the other red tops and Big Brother he appeals to the lowest common denominator of society, so what’s not to like?!!

  20. gary fox says:

    Drunk (again) swearing at a celebration event (again) being a classless moron (again) missing half the season due to mystery illnesses (again)…..did the white lines on the road get you going Jack?

  21. Cosa says:

    Wilshere is expected to represent arsenal to the highest standard, and especially during club events, act with professionalism. That is why he should be sanctioned.

  22. Neil says:

    What an absolutely pointless flag-waving article this is. You’re basically saying that Jack Wilshere is the embodiment of a football role model. What utter, utter shit. If Wilshere truly is the benchmark for the calibre of future English footballers, then shame on those who are cheering them on when they make a mockery of the professional game like he has in the last few seasons.

    This article just goes to show that anyone with a keyboard, a counter-popular opinion and an inflated sense of self can write for a football blog.

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