What happened to Philippe Senderos?

Ollie Irish

2nd, December 2009



Look at Big Phil’s sad Charlie Brown face. No one wants to see that.

PHILIPPE SENDEROS today suffered the ignominy of being left out of Arsenal’s League Cup squad to face Man City at Eastlands tonight. When your gaffer rates you below a past-it Mikael Silvestre, you know you’re not wanted. (Caveat: Senderos might be injured, but there’s no report saying as much.)

If I was Senderos, I’d consider doing a Sol Campbell and walking away from a club where his career has not just stalled but nosedived in recent years. Ever since he was owned by Didier Drogba a few seasons ago (on more than one occasion), Senderos’s confidence has seemingly evaporated – all Wenger has been left with is a big, multilingual lump who can seemingly no longer cut it at the highest level.

Shame – Phil always seemed like one of the more intelligent young players in the league, and perhaps that’s a problem – he played in his head too much? Anyway, surely he has to leave in January before his damaged reputation is ruined beyond repair. Lest we forget, he’s still only 24 years old and can offer much to a new club, if not one of Arsenal’s size. Somewhere like Wigan, Fulham or Bolton, for example.

Indeed, Everton were apparently interested in him last summer, but a move never came off.

I hope someone finds him a good home. He’s too good to rot in Arsenal’s reserves.

Fletch says:


“Well, this is a good fucking laugh, ain’t it? You sweat that shite out of your system. Cause if I come back and it’s still here, I’ll fucking kick it out. Okay?”

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  1. aged gooner says:

    Bang on the money good writing.

    Dam sham what a waste but always beleived he would make a very good Cham[ionship centre back Charlton or someclub like them.

    He could always find work useing his ability to speak I am led to believe five languages.

    Bless him and good luck to him but as you said not good enough for Arsenal bastard Drodba

  2. gaya says:

    i am surprised you are wondering what happened to hi,
    during the last international games he said he was looking to leave. Do you now persist with a player who has his heart set on other issues

  3. Pete says:

    It’s weird – it seems that he was convinced to stay based on Djourou’s long term injury, but he isn’t even appearing on the bench this season. I don’t know if he’s offended Wenger somehow, or maybe he’s just been written off.

    If he leaves, he can at least rebuild what should be a good career – he’s a very decent centre back when he has a run of games.

  4. Jesus says:

    Lots of bloggers supposedly ITK claimed a fee had been agreed in August with Everton and he was on the verge of a move. Then Djourou got injured and Moyes bought Distin and Lucas Neill. He’s on the last year of his contract anyway so there’s a 0% chance of him being in red & white next year. Don’t believe he’ll be sold in January though… Not until Djourou recovers anyway which is in March.

    Feel a bit bad for Senderos. Had high hopes for him when he broke through. The 2-4 at Anfield in 2007-08 sealed his fate though…

  5. yoiii says:

    no dude,

    Senderos is on the sub bench for the first team, (Gallas is still nursing an ankle injury remember?)

    so this piece is shite! sorry… well written shite!

  6. sairam says:

    he is too old to play at arsenal now lol!! Time to move on…

  7. CarolusB says:

    For all the gooners who have spent the last years saying how Senderos wasn’t and would never be good enough (he is still only 24-scored in the last world cup and will doubtless pay in the next one). The Arse lost to Chelsea at home last Saturday 3-0 and again at Man City 3-0 tonight.

    Sederos must be p*ssing himself with laughter.

    Bonne chance à toi Philippe – où que tu ailles

  8. Anonymous says:

    sell Rosisky, eboue, silvestre, eduardo in january

  9. Phil says:

    What a waste, sick to death of the Senderos knockers, how can he ever get good if he never gets a lengthy run in the side, a few games here and a few games there so when he does come in he is under pressure straight away. Same will happen with the other young players who don’t get a run. Big Phil played in the first 2 Carling games and did nothing wrong, shame on Wenger for selecting Silvestre in front of him, good luck where ever you go Big Phil.

  10. John H says:

    Good balanced article. A rarity on the web.

  11. HoiHoi says:

    vela is the bigger waste

  12. deipnosophist says:

    There must be a sorry here somewhere. Senderos is way too good to be overlooked like this, so this must be some petty thing on Wenger’s part. He’s a great manager, but he is capable of playing favourites – and the opposite. Senderos has tons to offer, but Wenger can’t see it, apparently.

  13. deipnosophist says:

    Sorry, that was meant to be “story” in the first line. Must proof read!

  14. that was rather amusing says:

    torres also humiliated him in the champions league a couple of seasons ago. he’s a centre back that often fails to avoid being humiliated by good strikers. it doesn’t look good on a CV.

  15. Phil says:

    How many times do we see young players come through the ranks or signed by the club only for them to never get a real chance, it’s ok for some to say they are not good enough thats why Arsenal let them go, but how many Upsons, Bentleys do there have to be, what chance did either of them have?? Very little in fact, both were at the club for some years, but neither got a reasonable run in the side. Will the same happen to all those so called starlets coming through the academy now? Wilshere, Randall, Merida,Lansbury etc etc when will any of them get a chance? So far only Fabregas and Gibbs have become regulars while Arsene has gone out and bought some pretty mediocre players. For every Vieira and Petit there have been a lot of Mendezs’ Grondins’ who havn’t made it.
    Back to Senderos, yes he has had his bad moments, but he has been under so much pressure as he had never had the comfort zone of a good run in the side like Denilson and Song for example. Would Song be the player he is now without a lot of games under his belt? I rest my case, stop being stubborn Arsene and use some of the younger players properly with maybe the injection of a bit of experience into the squad, it might just bring some silverware.

  16. ton says:

    strange that he has been at the club for 8yrs and then arsene decides too sell him,like that great striker aliadiere we had for 9yrs and whats even stranger still is you hear people saying wenger is a good manager.if there was a world cup for injury prone midgets we would win it hands down

  17. jaymin says:

    He was superb in the 2006 CL and will likely be superb elsewhere. This is bullshit. We have a slightly muddied diamond in this player and we’re going to sell him and then not replace him.

  18. Phil says:

    Ok so we know Senderos will leave in January, but the way he is being treated is diabolical, first not even in the Carling Cup squad, then selected for the bench against Stoke, then omitted from the squad to face Olympiakos, what is Mr Wenger doing to him.
    I and many Gooners wish him all the best at wherever he goes, this could be a player that could come back to haunt us!!!!!

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