Financial Fair Play Be Damned: PSG Welcome Kylian Mbappe On Board In Yet Another Exorbitant Cash-Spluff

Chris Wright

31st, August 2017


Monaco have been plundered once again as PSG have announced that their convoluted deal to sign Kylian Mbappe has now officially gone through.

The transfer basically boils down to a long-term contract, beginning with a bullshit one-season loan, presumably to allow the young lad to gain a vital bit of experience…

It’s all nonsense of course. The Parisians retain the option to sign Mbappe at the end of the 2017/18 season – an option you rather think they may end up exercising as and when the time comes.

All this means that PSG will be able to offset the gigantic, pre-agreed £162million fee for a further year, which is all rather handy when you’ve just signed Neymar for £196million in the same window.

Not that it ever really existed for the European elite anyway, but FFP RIP.

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  1. Adil says:

    Will they have to pay for him at the end of the season? What if he gets injured badly or turns out to be really shite after going off the rails on coke and hookers?

  2. Jozy says:

    isn’t the loan just a loophole so that they do not have to pay the fee now due to FFP? But they are obligated to pay next summer

  3. ShaneWebb says:

    @Jozy Did you actually read the article?

  4. RiskAversePerson says:

    It is obviously nuts what is going on right now on the transfer market. I wonder whether there is a point in time when these enormous transfer fees start being a threat towards the players’ safety. Isn’t it easily imagineable that some sort of ill-minded person could go after these super valuable individuals to hurt PSG financially? I personally would feel a bit uncomfortable if i was worth $250 million, sounds scary to me at least.

  5. New to this says:

    what’s a neymar?

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