Reports: Juventus Move Will See Aaron Ramsey Become ‘Second Highest Paid British Footballer In History’

Chris Wright

18th, January 2019


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Aaron Ramsey’s time at Arsenal is drawing to an end with an imminent free transfer to Juventus now seemingly shy of nothing bar the official confirmation.

Rather than acquiesce to Ramsey’s salary demands, the Gunners have instead decided to allow the Welshman to run down his contract and leave for nothing.

Juve beckoned him across the dance floor with a seductive finger and, if reports emanating from the Italian press are to be believed, a pre-contract agreement has since been reached and a proprietary medical examination passed with Sky Sports claiming this week that a formal announcement will be made next month.

Ramsey has spurned a number of high profile suitors since it became clear he wouldn’t be renewing his Arsenal contract, with Chelsea, Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan and Bayern Munich all said to have at least raised an eyebrow at the situation.

However, given the size of the contract Juve have reportedly heaved up onto the table, it’s perhaps unsurprising that Ramsey has agreed to get climb aboard.

The Sun suggest that the 28-year-old has shaken on a deal that will earn him £300,000-a-week in Turin, thus making him the second highest-paid British player in the history of association football.

The only Briton to earn more is compatriot Gareth Bale, who has about £350,000 shovelled into his bank account by Real Madrid every seven days.

Nice work if you can get it, this professional football malarkey.

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  1. David says:

    I honestly doubt that. Ronaldo aside, I don’t think anyone at Juventus earns something around 300,000 per week, not even close. They are one of the best teams around but they are not one of the most richest.

    • maria says:

      According to this site:

      Ronaldo is on €550k a week. Next highest is Pjanic on €110.

      • Nuno says:

        Those are net wages, so you should cut Ramsey by ~50% as well. I cannot for a second believe its 300k net, but even if it’s 150k net it’s twice as much as Dybala, Mandzukic, Khedira and Chiellini. I cannot imagine such a salary will go down well in the locker room, though I will also definitely not feel sorry for them if they implode…

      • Nuno says:

        That being said I also don’t believe with the 300k salary, seems more like tabloids throwing numbers. “The Sun suggest that” should be enough to raise anyone’s eyebrow…

  2. Comfy Chair says:

    Modern Football is indeed (capitalist) rubbish.

  3. Straight Dave says:

    It seems very much the norm these days that the most average players are taking home £300k every week. All for essentially moving an inflated pig’s bladder around a patch of grass with their feet a couple of times a week. Utter madness.

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