Celtic fans sing IRA chant at Dundee United (with video evidence)

Ollie Irish

23rd, November 2009


If you listen closely you can hear Celtic fans singing “Ooh ah, up the RA!” (based on the SAM Song, I guess) near the end of this clip.

NOTE: It’s not to be confused with the similar, but harmless “Ooh ah, Samaras!” chant, which was also heard at Tannadice on Sunday.

The republican chanting didn’t do the away side any favours though, as Dundee Utd went on to claim a famous 2-1 home win, thanks to a last-gasp header by Darren Dods.

Whether it’s provocative chants by Celtic or Rangers fans – or fans of any club, for that matter – there is no place in sport for sectarian stuff like this. I have no allegiance to either side, but let’s keep it out of football, please.

Sectarian Celtic fans ruin minute’s silence on Remembrance Sunday

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  1. chris says:

    It was Oh Ah Samaras you thick tosser

  2. Ollie says:

    No it wasn’t – and I take it you didn’t read this part of the above post: “NOTE: It’s not to be confused with the similar, but harmless “Ooh ah, Samaras!” chant, which was also heard at Tannadice on Sunday.”

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Tail wagging the Dug says:

    Yet again, another complete misinterpretation of the word ‘sectarian’.

    Whether you agree with political slogans at football matches or not (personally I don’t, I think Celtic fans have enough football and Irish folk songs to sing without the buckfast provos chorus) does NOT mean to say that they are in any way sectarian. Distasteful perhaps, offensive to some yes, but please, please get your facts right.

    BTW, I look forward to simliar condemnatory articles in the future regarding ALL offensive chants from ALL Scottish clubs, not just the Glasgow ones.

  5. Anonymous says:

    who was provoked by this chant?

  6. Dazza says:


  7. Jock says:

    There is quite obviously an agenda at work here contrary to claims, the reporter is an idiot if he considers political songs to be sectarian, away and look the word up in the dictionary.
    I dont recall any mention of the famine song, a song already prosecuted in court and declared racist by the law of the land, sung week in week out by scotlands shame yet not serious enough to merit a mention, but sing a political song and its deliberately misrepresented as sectarian.

  8. jocky bhoy says:

    Looking like campaign on this site. Who’s feeding you this drivel pieman? I notice a final post was added to the thread about singing outside falkirk (the one calling celtic fans who broke the minutes silence scum inside the ground “Scum” when in fact there weren’t any)and the only genuinely sectarian phrase heard inside the ground was a falkirk fan shouting at the celtic crown to “go home”. You want to add some links to the songs relating to that sentiment? A song deemed racist by the Scottish police?

  9. jocky bhoy says:

    Should have read “I notice a final post was added to the thread relating directly to this thread… “

  10. Damo Lennon says:

    If you listen closely!


    What a desperate attempt by someone to drag the reputation of Celtic fans down.

    Who is the “ace reporter” writing this guff anyway?

  11. Thegreenmachine says:



  12. jocky bhoy says:

    BTW I looked in vain for reference to Rangers fans racist chants relating to their recent game in Romania (which given some racist fans abused Edu, their own player recently, would seem a bigger story) and indeed the crowd violence at that game – couldn’t find it. Anyone want to post me a link?

    Or does a perceived “sectarian song” (other posters have tried to enlightren you on that, but either way its not clear from the clip i heard) have less of a place than clearly racist songs. Tottenham had any problems with racist, homophobic or other songs of late i wonder?

    Fore real news: http://article.wn.com/view/2009/11/05/Uefa_decides_to_charge_Rangers_over_crowd_trouble_at_Champio/

  13. Des says:

    I can not belive this post.I fully agree with (tail waggin the dug) post,get your facts and details right before you post again,I guess you are the sort of guy that waits for the tabloid press to tell you what your opinion will be.Please think for yourself and check out the meaning of sectarian,it´s in the dictionary.good hunting

  14. max says:

    If ‘greenmachine’ is a Celtic supporter I’ll eat my own @rse.

  15. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by ollieirish: Celtic fans sing IRA chant at Dundee United (with video evidence) – http://tinyurl.com/y8oetam No place in football for this crap…

  16. David - Yorkie says:

    That’s right Max..if you’re not a bead rattling republican you’re just a blue nosed infiltrator. Because of course every TRUE Celtic fan is an an IRA supporter, and anyone who speaks out is not a true fan….You’ll have to get your head out your @rse before you eat it.

  17. Willhelm says:

    Of course they’ll deny singing songs in support of ethnic cleansing and sectarian murder gangs, that’s what they do. Have a look at some of the posts from a Septic website and tell me they were only kidding on.

    As for the political songs..If you think it’s political to sing about little children being blown apart, women shopping in fish shops being blown limb from limb, then you’re bigger animals than we thought.

    I can see the headlines in the papers now. Celtic fans are wonderful, nothing to see here, now move along. However the rest of society is under no illusions about these hate filled mutants.

    Today, 06:01 PM
    Crossmaglen Bhoy
    Join Date: Apr 2006
    Location: Crois Mhic Lionnáin, Poblacht of Sabhat Ard Mhacha

    Song sheet the day


    Sounded like a good few rebels

    Crossmaglen Bhoy
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    #2 Today, 06:01 PM
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    Re: Song sheet the day


    was excellent in the jerry kerr stand, fine song sheet

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    #3 Today, 06:05 PM
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    Re: Song sheet the day


    Originally posted by Mark
    was excellent in the jerry kerr stand, fine song sheet

    Black watch on the go. Quality.

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    #4 Today, 06:05 PM
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    Re: Song sheet the day


    Aye, was good. Bring them home at half time as well.

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    #5 Today, 06:07 PM
    Greenock Bhoy
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    Re: Song sheet the day


    Roamin in the Gloamin got a wee airing. Starry Plough division were in full voice by the sounds of it

    Greenock Bhoy
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  18. Willhelm says:


    We take no lessons on racsim from supporters who were involved in the biggest racist incident ever witnessed in a British football ground.

    Mark Walters doesn’t forget either Jocky.

    IRA, Racism, bigotry, hooliganism and many other criminal acts inside and outside this henious football club. Who are they to lecture society on bigotry and racism?

    The Scottish media and our politicians are giving these traitors a free ride at bigotry. Not one of them has the testicular fortitude to stand up and tell these vile creaturtes to stop.

    Another shameful day from Scotland’s most vile creatures.

  19. Jock says:

    I can only blame your failed schooling for your stupidity, surpassed only by your uglyness.
    Your own paramilitary organisations were the reason some brave men decided to take a stand and force britain into a political settlemant, remember YOU SURRENDERED. Now crawl back under your stone and take your vile bigotry with you, if you cant understand the debate you have no place in it.

  20. Tail wagging the Dug says:

    Coincidence that Wilhelm the deranged lunatic has appeared on 2 similar blogs posted within minutes of each other with exactly the same post?

  21. Mick Doire says:


    With all due respect, i dont think that is what Max is saying at all!! However the comments and the way ‘THEGREENMACHINE’ put his point accross was nonsense and a bit suspect with his turn of phrase! ‘Against the law to sing about banned terrorist organisations’ Where is this lad living? Freedom of speech would come into that i think! Whilst not agreeing with the singing of certain songs political or rebuplican at games, like the author lumping this into the ‘sectarian’ bracket shows the education of the author and indeed TGM.
    Whatever you are into, people have different views and ideals for a number of different reasons. Leaving comments about how he is a ‘decent fan’ because his view differs from the singing of a song shows HIS and possibly your own intolerances!

    Hail Hail

  22. Willhelm says:

    So it’s only the IRA supporters who are allowed to post is it? What you fascists really despise, is free speech. Read what daft Jocky said about surrendering. I put money on this little retard being Scottish and never setting foot in Oirland.

    You are not Oirish you horrible mutants, never have been, never will be.

    Ulster is British and always will be Jocky. In fact the Union is probably stronger now that our special tout (Martin McGuinness) is pulling the strings.

    You are utterly despised by your friends and neighbours. Work colleagues view you lot with suspicion, everyone thinks of you as traitors and not fit for purpose. In fact, we don’t want you evil bheasts in our country for one day longer.

    You are hated in Oirland and Scotland – why?

  23. Mick Doire says:

    haha Willhelm, son you really need to take a pill!! So much anger!! And for someone who seems to have a lot to say about lads posting about never having set foot in ireland. You seem to have a lot of strong feelings about Ireland going by your post!! Go and sit down you angry wee man!!

  24. Tail wagging the Dug says:

    Hated by whom Wilhelm? The likes of you? Good.

    In case you forgot Ireland as a whole was under Brarrish rule when the great famine occurred. How are folk expected to go home when they are already here?

    The union is stronger than ever? Maybe in your pub it is, elsewhere? Scottish independence WILL happen in the next decade and I’m sure our English neighbours will be giving a monkey’s chuff.

    If u want to discuss traitors, ask a typical proud Scotsman what he thinks of the forelock-tugging ‘Rule Britannia’ brigade that proud Wilhelm goosesteps alongside.

    What a lovely tolerant man. Notorious for his views in t’net. Ignore him and he will buzz off.

  25. Willhelm says:

    You are despised and you know it. The people of Scotland look at you filthy bheasts and sneer at your very presence. People who support the murder of innocent British citizens deserve to be treated like pondlife wherever and whenever they raise their ugly heads.

    Every support in this country abhors your presence, every decent citizen thinks of you as dirt.

    Next time you walk down the street wearing that green and gray top, look at all the old grannies contemt for you vile creatures. Look at all the old blokes outside the pub sneering when you walk past.

    When you talk to work colleagues about the poor results again, look at their faces and see how disgusted your views make them feel.

    You are utterly despised in our country.

  26. DannyH says:

    Is it not about time that some of you Rangers supporters looked at your own behaviour over the years?

    How racist was it for Rangers fans to sing about Paul Wilson before Mark Walters signed for them that famous chant they had for years about the Celtic player Paul Wilson.
    Wilsons a dar*ie
    Talk about racism, nothing like that was ever was sung by Celtic fans towards Walters. Get wise and sort out Rangers problems and get a life. Roll on the time when the man on the Black horse rides in!!

  27. SHUG says:

    Tiocfaidh ár Lá. They haven’t gone away ya know. Masserene :D

  28. Mick Doire says:

    I really do feel sorry for you!! There is the difference you are full of hate and everyone reading this blog is laughing at you!! Go away and take yourself to the nearest gym and get rid of some of your angst! I hope you dont sit all day on the computer looking for more reasons to hate hate hate hate hate!!!

    Go and get a life young man!!

  29. Tail wagging the Dug says:

    Hilarious! Comedy blogging at it’s best. He doesn’t even realise how funny he is!

    More power to you as you wrestle your way out of Nick Griffin’s arsehole. Keep posting pretty please!

  30. Walter, man with no surname. says:

    Willhelm, away back to Holland with you. Away with ya, away i say. begone. Scoot. Take

  31. DannyH says:


    Heres some Christmas cheer (I hope its not racist)

    Oh Jingle Bells Jingle Bells
    Jingle All the way,
    Oh what fun it is to see the Huns at bankrupcy

    Through their “Glory years” with Minty at their side
    Oh how tragic it turned out because now their on the slide

    Oh Jingle Bells Jingle Bells
    Jingle All the way,
    Oh what fun it is to see the Huns at bankrupcy

    Now their on the run and Celtic fans are havin fun
    Minty he has turn and fled and “legged” it in the sun

    Oh Jingle Bells Jingle Bells
    Jingle All the way,
    Oh what fun it is to see the Huns at bankrupcy

    They are a zillion pound in debt and the bills just cant be met
    Its now so bad that Ibrox Park has just been put up for Let.

    Oh Jingle Bells Jingle Bells
    Jingle All the way,
    Oh what fun it is to see the Huns at bankrupcy

    The saga soon will end its driving the huns around the bend
    It makes it worse when they see Celtic have loads of cash to spend

    Oh Jingle Bells Jingle Bells
    Jingle All the way,
    Oh what fun it is to see the Huns at bankrupcy

    “Their Fiver for our Tenner” was Mintys famous after dinner
    But all that remains is a bank account that just keeps getting thinner

    Oh Jingle Bells Jingle Bells
    Jingle All the way,
    Oh what fun it is to see the Huns at bankrupcy

    The Banks now want their dough and so its time to go
    it now looks like the Celtic bhoys will win 10 in a row.

    Oh Jingle Bells Jingle Bells
    Jingle All the way,
    Oh what fun it is to see the Huns at bankrupcy

    To all you Rankgers fans online your Clubs against Old Father Time
    And when they finally shut the Ibrox doors it will really be sublime

    Oh Jingle Bells Jingle Bells
    Jingle All the way,
    Oh what fun it is to see the Huns at bankruptcy

  32. cesar says:

    got no job do you? its samaras you thicko

  33. cesar says:

    wilhelm, you the most tolerant man alive arent you? I bet you never go on holiday then? Since you don’t belong in those places…

    anyways, one day you will realise that your views are nothing short of pure hatred. quite a fascist you are. do you get most of your info from that beauty of a website fascist fascist?

    anyways, somewhere deep down inside you must be human too. please try and find that!

  34. Willhelm says:

    Celtic seek end to ‘IRA chants’

    The club appealed to fans to stop singing rebel songs

    Celtic Football Club has made an unprecedented appeal to supporters to stop chanting IRA slogans during games.
    Ian McLeod, the club’s chief executive, has written to more than 50,000 season ticket holders, asking for an end to the singing of the rebel songs.
    The call comes after chanting by some Celtic fans during a minute’s silence for the victims of the 11 September terrorist attacks.
    In his letter, Mr McLeod urges fans not to support or condone such actions.

    This action by a minority will undoubtedly lead to criticism of Celtic Football Club

    The anti-sectarian group, Nil by Mouth, has welcomed the move but spokesman Peter McLean said the Old Firm could go further and ban the bigots.
    “I think it’s a step in the right direction and is to be commended,” he said.
    “However, Nil By Mouth would like to see Celtic and Rangers both go a step further and remove 10 supporters each time sectarian singing is heard en masse.
    “Ban them from the grounds and publicise their actions as a deterrent to others.”

  35. Willhelm says:

    Sunday Mirror, Nov 25, 2007


    THE head of a Celtic fans’ group who sparked fury by defending the singing of IRA songs campaigned for the release of jailed terrorists and raised funds for their families.
    Dr Jeanette Findlay was coordinator of the Saoirse campaign in Scotland, which was set up in 1995 to demand the freeing of jailed IRA terrorists and which collected funds for their relatives.
    She shared a platform with an IRA terrorist jailed for the murder of an Ulster policeman during a controversial rally in Glasgow.
    And she organised Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams’ first public appearance in Scotland – at a meeting which erupted in sectarian violence in the shadow of Ibrox Stadium in Govan, 12 years ago.
    She also tried to sue a Celtic supporters club when it scrapped a drama group’s booking after learning the cast included a former IRA terrorist.

  36. Willhelm says:

    THE hotel where Celtic stars were caught up in a sectarian sing-song is owned by a known IRA sympathiser, the Sunday Mirror can reveal.
    Hoops duo John Hartson and Stephen Pearson were filmed with fans who shouted out “IRA” and “Sinn Fein” at a booze-fuelled bash in Donegal.
    The footage, shot on a mobile phone, was taken at the Clanree Hotel in Letterkenny, which is owned by known IRA sympathiser Hughie McGee.
    He also owns a bar in Letterkenny which boasts photos of hunger striker Bobby Sands on the wall – and where three alleged IRA men caught in Colombia, South America, are due to make a guest appearance.

  37. Willhelm says:

    The list of these horrible bigots singing songs in praise of ethnic cleansers is limitless.

    IRA songs v. Hearts 1st December 2007

    Edinburgh Evening News 3rd December 2007:

    “The travelling support’s unsavoury chanting of sectarian songs spoiled what was otherwise a peaceful encounter”


  38. Willhelm says:

    Some of their own fans utterly despise the Bheasts.

    Daily Record Hotline 4th December 2007:

    Mr. Douglas Campbell

    “My nine year old son supports Celtic so I took him to the Hearts game as a special treat. But it will be a long time before we go back.

    I was disgusted by the behaviour of the Celtic fans who sang IRA songs throughout the match.

    There is no place for that kind of thing in Scottish Football and it’s up to the authorities to make sure children are not subjected to this vile chanting.”

  39. Willhelm says:

    Bill Leckie, The Sun 3rd December 2007:

    “The Hearts lot were spitting blood from the off and the Celtic lot responded with just about every song they could think of that had hee-haw to do with football”

    “Their low point came in the second half when they – and by “they” I definitely don’t mean the minority – ended some diddly -dee number or other with a rousing endorsement of terrorism”

  40. Willhelm says:

    This was Packie Bonner’s day. A huge crowd (considerably larger than the 38,000 official attendance) packed into Celtic Park to pay tribute to the big man. He has served Ireland and Celtic faithfully over the years. He lined out for Celtic as Ireland had Gerry Peyton in goal. The atmosphere while electric again was unfortunately marred by sectarian chants and songs. The Artane band even played “Sean Sabath” which was sung with great gusto as was a song to the tune of “Roamin in the Gloamin” which included the line “It’s great to be a Roman Catholic” and other song which I’ve never heard before ending “To die an orange bastard”. The bloke on the tannoy tried to convince us that Celtic have had a successful season as he enthused about their achievements “Skol Cup finalists” “Scottish Cup semi finalists”, “3rd place in the premier league” and finally “premier reserve league champions”. The crowd weren’t impressed. They were even less impressed by the band playing Scotland the Brave and a cacophony of boos echoed around the ground. They then proceeded to sing our national anthem “Amhran na BhFiann” or The Soldiers Song. Celtic started better and were obviously keener to win. Creaney scored early on and suddenly Ireland realised that they might actually lose the game and stepped up a gear, Sheedy tookover in midfield and Hoguhton and Slaven caused problems down the wings. Niall Quinn had a goal disallowed, Bonner saved well from Townsend but the inevitable equaliser came from Slaven. Bonner failed to hold Sheedy’s shot and Slaven hammered in the rebound. Sheedy then hit a post and when Kelly made it 2-1 early in the second half I thought we were destined to win it. Our defence which looked suspect all day (Hughton excepted) fell apart again and Creaney made it 2-2. What was a competitive match became a joke as Brady, Denis Bonner (of Sligo Rovers reserves – Packie’s twin) and Roy Aitken came on for Ireland. Liam O’Brien also came on but at l;east he’s still in contention for the squad. With a few minutes left a dreadful mixup between Moran and Stapleton gave Creaney a gift winner. Celtic obviously wanted to win more and just about deserved it. They looked very very impressive coming forward but Elliot apart looked shakey at the back. Tommy Coyne was the one Celtic forward who didn’t perform and he missed a great chance to convinve Jack to put him in an Irish squad. Slaven did well for Ireland on the left side of midfield so Jack may have learned avaluable lesson. Sheedy played well in the centre and Kelly did OK beside Quinn who wasn’t really trying. Stapleton had a nightmare at centre back as did Staunton at left full. Moran was marginally better but Chris Hughton played very well. Townsend and Houghton only played in patches. Afterwards Packie went on a lap of honour as “you’ll never walk alone” echoed around the ground. Reports of 5,000 Irish fans travelling over were way off the mark and there were only a couple of hundred Irish fans there. The day was spoiled a little by the sectarian singing. I suppose it’s part and parcel of Old Firm games but I won’t be in a hurry back to either stadium.

  41. Willhelm says:

    The club, the media, the watching world has asked these inbreds to stop supporting terrorism, yet they refuse. A race of people so indoctrinated to despise the country of their birth and they wonder why Scots hate the sight of them?

    You are not wanted in our country in Scotland or Ireland. You are the most hated race of people of these islands.

  42. Mick Doire says:

    Willhelm Willhelm………
    You really dont have a life do you!! Not gonna bother replying to you now as you are a deeply deranged and sad wee guy!!

    Hope you can get over your anger someday


  43. Willhelm says:

    It’s Samaras is it? Look at the post above from Bheasts saying which songs were being sung. It was a support in full flow, supporting murdering bigots, supporting child killers etc.


  44. Willhelm says:

    Truth hurts Mick, it really does. You’re not using to seeing your supporters being vilified. Times are a changing, people are waking up to the evil in our midst.

    Child killers FC.

  45. John McCrae says:

    Here we go again.

    Deflect and deny, the bheast way.

    Scots, with British passports, who probably have never been in Ireland sing the praises of an illegal terrorist organisation who murdered British men, women and children.

    Get real, you want to be Irish so Scotland doesn’t want you. Your problem is that Ireland doesn’t want to either.

  46. Daniel says:

    Rangers football club and all they stand for are hated throughout the world.

    They are just trying to bring us down to their level.

    Some of our fans feel the need to sing political songs during macthes, I dont agree with it but there you go.

    The funny thing is Rangers fans posting on here saying how vile the tims are when they dont have ONE song that is about Rangers history and purely related to football.

    At least Celtic have a whole array of songs, ( i count 27) that are purelly Celtic football history related.

    Get your own house in order huns before you talk about anyone else.

    The BNP have already stated they use Ibrox as a recruiting ground, racist, bigoted, scum.

    Hello Hello, famine song, no surrender, the sash, big jock knew,
    Tina turder says fu*k the pope and the IRA.

    how dare you slag off another teams fans when you have the worst song book in history of mankind, filled with hate and racism.

    Thats whats so funny about all of this. Kettle, pot.

    Disgusting bottom feeders, we arra people, not anymore,

    the world has changed, you are afarid of change, just like the Nazis.

    great comparison

  47. scottybhoy says:

    I wish our fans would end the republican association. It is an embarrassment our club does not need.

    the Green Brigade are just a bunch of idiots who the real fans are sick of.

  48. DannyH says:

    ethnic cleansing your a nutter willie wilhelm

    CROMWELL was that man

  49. mark says:

    @daniel, danny if you believe what you have just posted it’s leverndale for you.

    if you use the word H@ns you are sectarian. Simples

    and what about
    Follow Follow
    Blue Sea of ibrox
    every other saturday

    truth and timothy don’t mix

  50. Willhelm says:

    Typical Bheast talking about the BNP. I know of not one person in that organisation, I’ve never heard any songs or support for them at Ibrox.

    Now on the other, an organisation responsible for killing babies, children, women, animals, and god knows what else – the IRA, is sung on a weekly basis at the bheastdome.

    Singing about killing Protestants, killing British soldiers is the norm at the Bheastdome.

    Deny and deflect you odious Bheasts, but we know your club support baby killers. A club steeped in the depths of supporting child killers.

    You are not and never will be welcome in my country, until you halt the support for ethnic cleansers.

  51. Daniel says:

    John McCrae

    No mention of the Britsh army and their rape and murder of Irish folk?

    Bit one sided no?












  52. mark says:

    @dannyh What has Cromewell got to do with football? What position did he play? Defender otf

  53. mark says:

    danny the IRa are not and never were an “army” they were terrorists.
    Big difference

  54. John McCrae says:

    Are you getting this?

    Lessons in decency from a club that covered up child abuse?

    Stein didn’t have the balls to go public, nor did the Board.

    And talking of Stein, what was his reward for being your greatest ever manager? A seat on the Board? No, Head of Pools Development. But then again, he wasn’t a kafflik.

  55. Daniel says:


    youare coming accross as a horrible bitter person, thats the view we and many others have of your support.

    We have a problem with our AWAY support, they sing songs they see as political, some others see them as bigoted


    The good thing about our home suppoert and the guys who travel abroad we self police our fans.

    you guys cant seem to do that. get your own house in order,

    again mate you seem very bitter and I hope you get some help

    my brother is HUN, and we watch games together and have a good ole laugh.

    you my friend, are wrong, and I worry for your children.

  56. mark says:

    @daniel, Again you use the H word danny boy. You are, as defined by Scottish and Ulster law, A Bigot.

    If there are no sectarian songs at parkhead why does the tannoy belt out let the people sing?

  57. scottybhoy says:

    the board at celtic need to wake up to this disneyfied theme park irish republicanism.

    Celebrate being Irish, not irish republicanism

  58. Anna Banana says:

    Lest we forget what a Newcastle Fanzine Editor told us about The Bheast:

    From the Editor of the Newcastle fanzine True Faith after their last visit:

    Celtic should not be invited back to Newcastle and it saddens me deeply to say it. Not for the first time has their support visited our city and generated sheer disgust at their behaviour………..there is a large section of Celtic’s support in Newcastle who behave in a thoroughly obnoxious manner…….

    ……….they do bring some of the detritus of Scotland with them and despite the money generated for Newcastle United, their visits have to be put to an end. A good 30% of their following simply don’t know how to behave and see these visits south as an opportunity to behave completely without a lack of regard, respect for our city and without dignity………

    Around the city, Celtic fans left a trail of rubbish – as any self-respecting Geordie Mam would ask – I wonder what their homes are like – and as I made my way up Blackett St queues of absolutely stotting Celtic fans urinated in the streets in full view of women and children and appeared to take a delicious pride in their bone-headed behaviour.

    Its not the vulgar displays of their Roman Catholicism – huge crucifixes prominently displayed by some who I’d guess haven’t found their way into a Church for many a year – that’s a matter for them, though it cheapens an ancient religion in a way none of their detractors could ever do. Not so much Catholic kitsch but bling. Its not even the renditions of irrelevant Rebel Songs but it is the constant abuse of Alan Shearer, which was meant to be provocative but were largely blanked by supporters inside SJP bemused by their hostility to a man who has no history with them………..shameful that they have to abuse a player who didn’t play against them in a proper fixture……….

    But most seriously the hail of bottles and glasses hurled towards St. Andrew’s St. from Gallowgate, under the Chinese arch next to the Tyneside Irish Centre (who rumour tells me ironically weren’t keen on being swamped by support from Scotland) by Celtic fans was criminally dangerous, completely indiscriminate and should end the invitations to Celtic Football Club to visit SJP. I saw bottles narrowly missing families and they were being thrown with wreckless intensity. Remember this was a game to which U-11s were encouraged with free admission.

    Its truly sad when a fanzine feels the need to call for a football club to be banned from our city because large numbers of their supporters can’t conduct themselves acceptably.

  59. Mick Doire says:


    The IRA were an army! Maybe check history before making statements you cant back up or defend! They went on to use terrorist tactics. I am not defending any actions just stating a fact! Something that you are not able to do obviously!

  60. Anna Banana says:

    And whilst qwe’re on the subject of Fascists and Nazis, how about we have a quick quiz:

    1) Which Scottish football ground was closed for a month during the 2nd World War because of the unpatriotic behaviour and pro-Nazi chants of their fans?

    2) Which set of fans chanted “Malvinas” to show their support for General Galtieri’s fascist military dictatorship of Argentina in 1981/82?

    3) Which set of supporters were responsible for the single worst act of football-related racism seen in the UK, on 2nd January 1988?

    4) Which set of supporters sing a song in praise of “Sean South Of Garryowen”, a murdering terrorist and member of the anti-semitic ‘Maria Duce’?

    5) Which set of fans racially abused their own players in the Club carpark in 1999 after being beaten at home by Inverness Caley Thistle?

    6) Which set of fans sing in praise of a former Hitler Youth member?

    7) Which set of fans regularly sing the praises of a Nazi-collaborating terrorist organisation?

    8) Which set of fans regularly sing the praises of a Nazi-collaborating religious sect?

    9) Fans of which club were banned from Parkhead on 19th September 2003 after making Nazi salutes during a game against Bayern Munich?

    10) Fans of which club racially abused and brutally stabbed two Asian men at Glasgow Cross in January 2008?

    Answers on a postcard to:

    ‘If it talks like a Fascist, walks like a Fascist and quacks like a Fascist, it’s a Fascist’ Competition, c/o Sellikfootballclub, Fuhrer Street, Mussolinitown, Bheastville.

  61. THE PHANTOMX says:


    Somebody lifted a flat stone and the VANGUARD BEARS slithered out

    yes ethnic cleansing fits nicely with this lot of brainless fckwits

    you should log on to the vanguard site and read the lunatic ramblings of




  62. Pasty says:

    You have to joking, “listen closely” is an understatement you can hardly make out any words. I don’t see any mention on the Who Ate All the Pies site about the VERY VERY Clear and NO NEED to listen closely as you can’t miss the chants of the “Billi Boys” Sectarian chants. Can you tell all of us were your comment is on those chants.

  63. Daniel says:

    Anna Banana says:

    all lies, no truth to any of those statements.

    that is the problem,



    if anyone believes what you have written then shame on them

  64. Daniel says:


    irish republican ARMY

    aaarrmnmmyyy you undecuated little man.

  65. Willhelm says:

    Anna Banana is bang on. A club formed on religious grounds, a club steeped in anti British racism and a club who carried out the most henious acts against children.

    We take no lessons in morality from a club which covered up the abuse of children, the support for terrorism, bigotry, the worst racist incidents ever seen in a UK football ground and a support who consistently supported Galtieri (another fascist Bheast) during the Falklands conflict.

    Imagine these maggots preaching morality to any Scottish citizen.

  66. Daniel says:


    you are the lowest of the low.

    mentioning child abuse to win an argument proves that you are a piece of scum

    like I said earlier I feel sorry for your children,

    disgusting to use such a thing to win an argument,

    i will stop posting now because i am not debating with low life scum like you,

    even my rangers fan brother has read your post and is sickened,


  67. Willhelm says:


    You are a piece of trash, who hates to hear the truth about your odious football club. As for your brother, you sure he’s not your aunty, you monobrowed mutant?

    Go on Daniel, tell me it never happened?

    Tell me your club was not involved in hideous abuse of children? Go on Danny, tell me I’m lying?

    We take no lessons in morality or common decency from the supporters of such a rancid football club.

  68. Jock says:

    I’m here screwing your beloved country rotten I’ve been working for the SNP and its rackoned about 10 years should see the end of britania ha ha ha and because you are a SURRENDER MONKEY theres nothing you can do about it, where are you going to go ?

  69. Willhelm says:


    No need to feel sorry for my kids. It’s the kids at your club which were abused and then the abuse covered up by vile animals, you should feel sorry for.

    Cover it up all you want, we know the truth about you odious Bheasts.

  70. Willhelm says:


    Not one election has the SNP ever won you thick Bheast, not one. Approx 22% of the vote went to the SNP, which means 78% voting Unionist you thick slug. Even a Taig as thick as you can do the Arithmetic, you defunct piece of dog dirt.

    Surrender Monkey maybe, child abuser like Torbett – never.

    Surrender monkey, not sure – terrorist supporting maggot – never you bheast.

  71. Joe Blow says:

    Oh dear Daniel, it would appear you are using the good old, if you tell a lie long enough it becomes the truth, rubbish you bheasts like to use.

    Nick Griffin IS on record as saying he will be targeting the Roman Catholic vote because he holds similar views on abortion as the RC Church. Expect to see him recruiting at the Stadd de Gadd soon then son.

    Your new motto is “Europe loves us the world hates us” – Celtc (c) Green Brigade, were formed on a sectarian footing by Walfrid and even allowed a Fenian Brotherhood gun runner (Michael Davitt) to lay the first piece of turf at their ghastly ground. It comes as no surprise your horrible fans continue in this sentiment.

  72. Richard79 says:

    I hate to burst the bubble of the defenders of RA PEEPIL and all their WASP supremacist garbage but your supporters are no better and you come on to talk about Britishness and terrorism with no knowledge of Colonialism and the mass murder outfit that was the British army. Scotland, Ireland, India and several African countries suffered terribly at the hands of the British. But of course that is ok if you are in the British Army, then it becomes legitimate in their eyes. the British Empire was responsible for the rape and murder of millions of people and several countries. It backed and enforced the Slave trade making millions for the UK. If you say the Iraq war is unjustified or illegal then you can surely agree with Irish men and women who fought for their own freedom in similar circumstances.

    Countries and people from countries who were robbed of language culture and resources by Britain still hold malice and disgust for the Empire and all the ill gotten gains that went with it. If people feel that way within Britain then ask yourselves why? Why would a large group feel this way in 2009?

    Like other communities they have no loyalty to Britain because of the treatment they have received at the hands of their hosts. No Black, No Dogs No Irish signs. What school did ye go to application forms not removed until a few years ago in the 21st Century, Political pamphlets from the Church of Scotland – The Irish menace to Scottish society, The political parties set up to attack that community in the 1930’s The Scottish Protestant league who won seats and would be considered the BNP of it’s day. Annual displays of hate and drunken violence following Walks with no real purpose other than antagonism and Supremacist nonsense. It must be great to be a part of that crowd. KKK nonsense.

    The same people who sing why don’t you go home to the odious and disgusting famine song have a problem with a folk song like the Boys of the old Brigade which celebrates the IRA and the struggle for freedom. Do me a favour. If they do GO HOME as you prettily put it who is next? Which community will get the same treatment? Doubtless the same supporters of this garbage will be saying SEE AW THESE MUSLIMS BY THE WAY…..

    I have no love for the IRA’s methods nor what they have morphed into in their latter years but in 1916 if people stood up to what was an evil aggressor and a group of people choose to hold that as their political and cultural history (which it is for many) then no one has a right to stop them unless it is against the law of the land and as far as I am aware singing songs like this are not. If it is illegal then In will retract this statement but it is as far as I am aware not a crime. The Famine Song and the Billy Boys are.

    A support with diseased minds who spend their entire existance trying to denigrate and hate the other should not have the temerity to sit and criticise anyone. A club who operated an apartheid policy for 80 years in terms of playing staff, whose supporters have indulged in Anti – irish and anti Catholic hate for over 100 years should stop and think can they really claim moral superiority over one incident in 1988 involving one player (disgusting as that incident is and was) when they have been videoed reacting in similar and worse manners towards Catholics, Irishmen (who do not play for Celtic as well as the ones who do), Polish players who have the temerity to display their religious beliefs, towards Jewish people in Israel, towards Japanese players with Aeroplane gestures mocking the worst tragedy in that country’s history and also (incorrectly) attempting to mock the culture of eating certain animals. And all that is before you even say Manchester.

    You cannot defend the indefensible and there is a worryingly large minority of people who follow follow Rangers who are deeply flawed and their raison d’etre is hate. Hating the Catholics, the Irish, the Poles, the immigrants, Pepperami, Eggs Benedict, green straws any anything else they don’t or can’t understand.

    A little perspective please.

    Willhelm you sir are a moron. Neither Celtic nor Rangers were formed on religious grounds but only one club adopted it as their birthright. I would have a problem with people like you but I don’t have to, evolution is on my side.

  73. Damo Lennon says:

    Willhelm is the looney-tunes bampot behind vanguardbears.

    I think he’s brilliant, and obviously the inspiration for Robbie Coltrane’s “Mason Boyne.”

    You just can’t beat him for laughs!

  74. Jock says:

    who are you begging from this week is it the south african criminal ?
    is it the ku klux klan ?
    are the murdering hoards from the north of ireland dipping into the drug and gun running money ?
    the big blak steed is pumping yer big white horse eh ha ha ha
    no only have you SURRENDERED yer the beggers too ha ha ha
    make all the vile noises you want, you know its coming and theres nothing you can do about it, you and your knuckle dragging bonesooking neanderthal hoard of insestuous inbreeds are a dying breed, nobody likes you and you used to no care ha ha ha. the BEGGING SURRENDER MONKEYS take a bow.

  75. Willhelm says:

    Wee Martin surrendered to us years ago. Who would have thought of Martin McGuinness as a Loyalist hero. SAuppose it’s better than James Torbitt.

    Child killers FC.

  76. Nevyn_666 says:

    Well said Richard79 – Wilheim you are instead an ass –

    and lol Damo Lennon – HILARIOUS :)

    Best form of defense and attack is to laugh at them – :) – you can’t reason with them – oh and John McCrea – you sir are an ass as well – in the best respected internet “journalism” *ahem* don’t let the facts get in the way of a “good” *ahem*” non-story.

    Oh and Mark – lol – the Irish Republican Army – started as freedom fighters against a tyrannical oppressive sectarian society (much like Rangers today – lol) – but were an Army. What is wrong with celebrating your nationalism and freedom even in a foreign land – where is the anti-British anthem party which if I am not mistaken ACTUALLY talks about murdering Scots – you are all a strange bunch to be sure.

    I do not advocate the way the so-called IRA have turned but I do advocate the way they started.

    Now – always and forever – a Celtic supporter and a proud Irishman.

  77. Bill says:

    Jesuzzzz – there are some real nutters in blue on this thread lol. I will restrict my comments to commenting on the ignorance of the original post. I am no great fan of IRA chants at football grounds – but to equate this to sectarianism is just laughable. Go away and do some reading on the origins of the IRA you buffoon.

  78. Jock says:

    martin never refused to share power, your SURRENDER MONKEY leaders in the north of ireland did ha ha ha
    you SURRENDERED to John Reid a west of scotland feinian ha ha ha.

    the cry was cap in hand

  79. Charlie Croker says:

    Ah the old BNP guff, please tell me oh informed ones where exactly the BNP have their recruiting at Ibrox?

    Nick Griffin is more than comfortable with his Irish facist friends from the South, the same very jolly fellows that your awe inspiring political ballads which conjure up dreams of soiled cells and beds are belted out up and down the country.

    Dannyh you truly are a little scumbag mocking the disabled, Karma has some sense of humour!

  80. John McCrae says:

    Nevyn_666, how apt that you take the number of the beast as part of your name.

    If you claim I’ve got facts wrong – prove it.

    And learn to spell, you got my name wrong. See, it is those segregated schools again.

    And your beloved IRanAway were so dedicated an army that they murdered Michael Collins – the man that founded them.

  81. tic says:


    you are one sad unfortunate little worm. your messed up little head produces some amount of mince. Nick Griffin at Celtic park? Aye mate i can just see him dishing out his union jacks.

    why don’t you do something productive with yourself rather than spend hours piling out your pitiful lies on some half arsed website.

    poor Wilhelmm

  82. Whatever says:

    Kincora boys home

  83. JGG says:

    It does annoy me that Celtic fans sing IRA songs at away games all the time,I dont think that these songs are a form of supporting the team on the pitch and with the Irish peace process going well,I dont think its right to be promoting it,do not get me wrong Celtic FC are as much Irish as they are Scottish and thats a beautiful thing as far as I am concerned,however we have loads of songs that support our team and our team really need that support at the moment.
    I think Lawwell needs to get us our wee own green book and state songs that are Pro IRA should be banned.,support Ireland support Celtic do not support the IRA

  84. Damo Lennon says:

    John McRae,

    There’s another “fact” you got wrong – Michael Collins was not the founder of the IRA.

  85. TheTruth says:

    The Celtic fan. What a repulsive, odious bheast he is. How Scotland was cursed when these people were thrust upon her. A country today on its knees, crippled by a virus running through her veins, her vey lifeblood. That virus being the Celtic fan. Dear God, what did we do to deserve such punishment?
    To disrespect in the most hateful way possibe, a one minute silence on Remembrance Sunday to honour all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for us. They gave, so that we could have.
    To tarnish the memory, indeed spit a gobful of venimous hate on the graves of these heroes tells all those not familiar with the bheast all he needs to know about the Celtic fan.
    The Celtic fan is also an avid supporter of the terrorist IRA, a group of British-hating individuals who tortured our people in the most callous way possible with bomb and gun in a murderous campaign that shocked a world that thought they had seen it all. No they hadnt.
    They had not yet encountered these bheasts.
    I could write a book.
    Celtic and their subhuman fans truley are the cancer of Scotland. I cry for our country.

  86. County Coaches says:

    Rangers Supporters don’t have a song about Rangers Football Club?
    Forgot about that actually, that Kris Boyd fella… Nasty old Orangeman eh?
    Nacho Novo? Founder member of the Spanish No Surrender/We hate Irish Catholics RSC !
    Allan McGregor? Thats right, forgot about him too ! He only shags prods !!

    You see where im going here Timothy? If you lie often enough it becomes truth in Scotchland. Tommy Burns, Jock Stein and Fartin Oneill.

    Lets get started with good old TB. His sides played football all day every day we keep getting told, yet won fuck all.

    Jock Stein? Well, Big Jock Knew how to get a team playing well. He also knew about harbouring Peadophiles behind the old Septic Park Gates.

    Martin Oneill? Hartson, Sutton, Mjallby, Balde, Valgaaren…. All great technical footballers. MY ARSE. Hammer throwers up against a terrible Rangers side.

    Gordon Strachan, Don’t it always seem to go..That you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

    No Surrender and roll on 2in a row !!

  87. TheTruth says:

    The Celtic fan. What a repulsive odious bheast he is. You could scour the planet and not find a lower form of human life. How Scotland was cursed when these people were thrust upon us. We didnt ask for them. Dear God, what did we do to deserve such punishment?
    The Celtic fan. The only fans to disrespect the memory of all those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we and our children could have a free and safe future. The day they spat a gobful of venimous hate on the graves of those brave men and women, they showed all the World what they truley represent. The quiet ones in the crowd at Falkirk only subdued their true feelings for fear of being recognised. The rest were too drunk to care. This was not a one-off, this is an ingrained part of their club and their vile songs are a weekly occurance at games. Dont allow them to tell you different. Lies comes so easily to the bheast. The World now knows about the bheasts, make no mistake about that. The decent people of the the United Kingdom may speak to you timmy, but little do you know what they truley think of you.
    The Celtic fan also supports, praises and glorifies the murderers of the terrorist IRA, an illegal organisation who have tortured thousand upon thousand of our people and destroyed their lives in the name of warped politics. Make no mistake, the bheast is much more an enemy to our country than the Taliban ever were. And they live among us. They hate Britain with a passion many would not comprehend and yet we are expected to tolerate such behaviour.
    As a proud Scot and Briton, I cannot view them as my fellow countymen. I dont know what they are.
    I see Scottish society is on its knees, infected with the virus that is the Celtic fan.
    How I cry for our country.

  88. ThTruth says:

    Why was my comment not allowed? The truth about Celtic fans hurt too much?

  89. Tail wagging the Dug says:

    The truth?????

    Keep believing. The happy pills the doc gave u should kick in shortly.

  90. Damo Lennon says:


    The therapeutic value of this site to sufferers of Perma-raging Rearranger Syndrome is incalculable.

    It must save the NHS an absolute fortune!

  91. The phantomx says:


    We have the silly Billy Boys from the Vanguard bears site

    How can anyone take seriously these cretins Wilhelm and his band of sectarian retards

    Take a look on this Site Vanguardbears.com and see wilhelm and his gang in full flow with there sectarian bile and continual threats of violence to catholics

    read the rantings of


    Everyone of these guy’s should be rounded up and charged for inciting racism,sectarianism and by there own admission ethnic cleasing



  92. Damo Lennon says:


    In answer to your question, you can’t take the vanguardbear loonies seriously.

    These guys are way, way beyond satire and are utterly loop-de-loop, the lot of them.

    I think they’re hilarious, in a “laughing at them, not with them” kind of way.

    In fact, they’ve provided me with hours of laughter. Is “General Schomberg” still “writing” for them?

  93. rabbithatchette says:

    rnagers title wins in 1939, 1947, 1949, 1950, 1953, 1956, 1957 are a result of their players working in govan sipyards while almost everyother club in scotland including Celtic had players fughting and dying in ww2.

    the only thing rangers didnt lift in this period ws rifles.

  94. Bob says:

    “How Scotland was cursed when these people were thrust upon us”.

    And there you have it folks, the real driving force behind most of the comments on this thread… good old fashioned racism.

    And congratulations to all those who used child abuse to score points in a thread about chanting at a football match. Hang your heads in shame.

  95. Richard79 says:

    I see no Bears could reply to my points previously. I wonder why. And please No more whataboutery, you have no argument when you claim nonsense like Celtic were formed for Sectarian purposes. You obviously know a garbled version of Glasgow history told to you by some fanzine.

    Deal with my points if you can. No holding my breath.

  96. Tail wagging the Dug says:

    In the pas couple of years or so, there has been an outrageous campaign by bitter twisted folk who spread lies and downright slander on the web in order to justify their sheer vitriolic hatred of all things Celtic, Catholic and Irish (not that the 3 are interminably linked as some would have you believe). See Mrs Banana’s post above. Propaganda on a level that a certain Mr Paisley would have been proud of in the 50′ & 60’s at the height of apartheid in the 6 counties.

    Keep on printing made-up nonsense and saying it over and over and people of a low IQ will start to believe it. They can’t even justify their own hatred (key word here) without resorting to lies!

    The likes of wilhelm “goosestep” goerrings and his vanguardbums are at the forefront of this. Why not indulge in your love of Rangers for once in your life and forget about everything else?

  97. jocky bhoy says:

    Wilhelm? Interesting name to bring up ethnic cleansing. I am sure you are aware of why the british army was sent in to the north of ireland right? Back in the day the settlement of the north was promoted by the british why?

    You ignorance is only equalled by your hatred and bigtory.

    And as you bring up Mark Walters, independent research from the university of leicester’s football unit records many racist events at that time, including Mark Walters being racially abused by his own teams fans, one of which was banned for life from Ibrox. Nothing changed since then it seems given the Edu incident.

  98. max says:

    Who was singing all the filthy racist bigoted sectarian (by law) songs clearly heard in the San Siro, when the shame played BEHIND CLOSED DOORS in 2005, the only people there, other than the opposition and officials was THE OFFICIAL RANGERS PARTY!
    The Full Monty, all the old favourites, the sash, the billy boys, up to their knees in Fenian blood..the lot!
    Who was it? Singing these song that would see any supporter BANNED FOR LIFE if caught singing such filthy bile?
    These scumbag filth who disgraced their country and club must be named and shamed!
    Surely it couldn’t have be to hard for dodgy daves “thorough investigation” to come up with a couple of names considering there were only around 500 of the RANGERS OFFICIAL PARTY present.
    And what about all these so called journos present, I’m sure they……………………..Hold on a min! You don’t think that the ‘journos’and THE OFFICIAL RANGERS PARTY (of around 500) might have actually been taking part!! Surely not!
    I mean that would make a complete mockery of any anti racist/sectarian organisations within RFC, and would certainly mean the wholesale sacking of the entire RANGERS OFFICIAL PARTY present that night, wouldn’t it?

    Wouldn’t it?

    I can’t wait to read the “immediate, full and thorough investigation” coming out of ibrox ………………very soon!

    If not I’m sure that Mr Spiers (of THE Times thank you very much) that champion of what’s right and proper, will be more than forthcoming when it comes to exposing the “white underclass” that has latched onto his beloved club, no matter how high up it goes……………hold on a min! You don’t mean that Britney was actually there and could have been taking part in the filth ammongst THE RANGERS OFFICIAL PARTY?????
    I’l read dodgy daves report from cover to cover when I’m sitting in my luxurios seat during H/T at the next OF game in dodgy daves SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION MOONBEAM MEGABIGOTDOME!!
    Both should be completed at about the same time!!
    HO! HO! HO!

  99. neil says:

    I on more than one occasion have heard these IRA chants from the away support via radio or Tv, and also a couple of times at home.
    It is something that was stopped sooned rather than later the RA(ira) they chant about may well be the freedom fighters of old but alas the only IRA of today are theives criminals n thugs(the continuityIRA) with very little respect for the views vast majority of irish people.

    But.. also ‘Whether it’s provocative .. or where your allegencies lie and i have read nonsense on this website before simple inaccuracies or deliberate twisting or facts and truths.

    THESE CHANTS ARE NOT SECTARIAN no matter is u agree or disagree or are offended this is the simple truth.

  100. Anonymous says:






  101. Damo Lennon says:

    Anyone see the match at Legoland tonight?

    He he he!

  102. Daniel says:

    will there be an article or an investigation regarding the Rangers fans secterian songs sung tonight?

    we will see if this site is as impartial as it claims

    check the 16th minute for a rendition of the evil and banned hello hello.

    lets see if this comment even makes it on

  103. Daniel says:

    f*ck the pope was heard also,

    with a pistol and a rifle and a gun???


  104. Anonymous says:

    i cant believe you are deleting my comments regarding Rangers fans singing hello hello tonight.

    your website has been found out, every Celtic forum now knows that this site is biased towards Rangers.

    well done, you just lost any credibility you ever had.

    im delighted actually as we knew a site like this had to be run buy on of the orks.


  105. john says:

    i cant believe you are deleting my comments regarding Rangers fans singing hello hello tonight.

    your website has been found out, every Celtic forum now knows that this site is biased towards Rangers.

    well done, you just lost any credibility you ever had.

    im delighted actually as we knew a site like this had to be run buy on of the orks.


  106. john says:

    i cant believe you are deleting my comments regarding Rangers fans singing hello hello tonight.

    your website has been found out, every Celtic forum now knows that this site is biased towards Rangers.

    well done, you just lost any credibility you ever had.

    im delighted actually as we knew a site like this had to be run buy on of the orks.



  107. paul says:

    we are gonna bring this site down

  108. paul says:

    rangers fans sung hello hello tongight

    will you write an article about that??

  109. looloo says:

    yes please show us that your not just a Rangers fan making up lies about Celtic

  110. franklin says:

    they will delete it

    they are Rangers fans, site is a laughing stock.

  111. paul says:

    they have been found out

    scum site, should be ashamed, everyone spam it

  112. mark says:

    Rangers fans disgrace scotland again with sectarian songs

    they are the lowest of the low

  113. simms says:

    I heard it,

    wonder if this site will write an article about it

    doubt it

  114. simms says:

    the scum are deleting our posts,

    thats it, this site is going down

    I know how to do that,

  115. bryan says:

    rangers fans being investigated fro secterian singing

    on the news, they are done for this time

  116. max says:

    Answer the question ‘Ollie’, who were the vile sectarian bigots recorded LIVE in the San Siro 2005?

  117. james says:

    I originally thought you were just an ignorant idiot, but with this PATHETIC video you demonstrate that you are just another anti-Celtic zealot.
    You clearly have a personal agenda here and you disgrace this site. You are right down there in the sewer with the vile anti-Celtic/Irish/Catholic obsessive and nazi,”Wilhelm”.

  118. james says:

    I have absolute respect the heroes who died in the 2 world wars, but reading posts from people like “Ollie”,”Wilhelm”,”Anna Banana” and other zealots on here, wrapping themselves in the union jack and claiming the exclusive rights to the memory of the fallen, and what being British is, has ME feeling uncomfortable about taking part in the Remembrance observance.
    With their fanaticism, these despicable people desecrate the memory of the fallen far more than a few drunken football fans.

  119. james says:

    Any intelligent readers here who are not aware of Celtic’s background, and may be misled by people like Ollie into thinking that the Celtic support are just “the other side of the coin” from Rangers sectarian fans, should read:


    This is an article about Celtic fans relationship with the fans of the celebrated left-wing non-conformist German club, St Pauli.Both sets of fans are proud to be different. They are both also continuously under attack from the fascists and accused of disloyalty in their own countries

  120. […] Celtic fans sing IRA chant at Dundee United (with video evidence … […]

  121. Martino Watp says:

    Whether it’s provocative chants by Celtic or Rangers fans – or fans of any club, for that matter – there is no place in sport for sectarian stuff like this. I have no allegiance to either side, but let’s keep it out of football, please.

    ^^ clearly says “Celtic or Rangers” so take your self pitying eslewhere


  122. jammy1ne says:

    Celtic fans started the we are offended campaign . So dont be surprised when songs like the ones you lot sing are brought to mind . Example . Soon their will be no Protestants at all. or how about A shower of Scottish B@****ds we never will forget ,thank god we know the IRA to shoot the bas***ds dead . or ooh aah up the ra . ,go home ya hun , Fu*k the queen I am disgusted and offended by these songs which are regularly heard from Celtic supporters on a weekley basis .

  123. Anonymous says:

    Why has the Scottish Premier league have made a copyright claim over the ‘up the ra’ video? Is it so they can pretend it didn’t happen and blame Rangers for it?

  124. Anonymous says:

    Having visited both Celtic and Rangers for European games and had the misfortune to be around when they have visited my home town….. the lot can burn in hell as far as I am concerned ! That excludes those that are in it just for the football. Unfortunately the knuckle dragging scum who are out just to sing songs they know nothing about and pick fights with anyone who crosses them will always be there.

    The Scots and the so called ‘football’ fans need to take a close look at themselves.

  125. perth arab says:

    The quicker Celtic & Rangers leave scottish football the better, We can do without the ugly sisters.

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