Ekstra Bladet Journalist Matches Nicklas Bendtner’s Boozy Blood-Alcohol Level, Tries To Drive A Car (Video)

Chris Wright

6th, March 2013


By Chris Wright

As you’re probably aware, the big story coming out of Danish football at the moment is that Nicklas Bendtner has been banned from driving for three years, fined €113,000 (£97,000-ish, i.e, slightly more than his boxer shorts cost him last summer) and banned from representing the national team for six months after he was arrested while drink-driving the wrong way up one of Copenhagen’s busiest streets in the middle of the night last weekend.

As part of their dedication to intrepid journalism, Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet had one of their hacks, a chap called Mads Kristensen Bloch, liquor himself up (get “Extra Bladdered” if you will!) on Jack Daniels to match Bendtner’s reported blood-alcohol level of 1.75 and attempt to pilot a motor vehicle around a simple slalom course.

It didn’t go particularly well, as the video footage over on Ekstra Bladet’s site will duly attest.

Call us cynical, but that just looked like a good excuse to get hammered at work!

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  1. Paul Kirkland says:

    How do you measure blood alcohol levels in the UK?! In the USA you can get arrested for having a BAC (blood alcohol content) of .08 (.08% of your blood is alcohol roughly). I feel like 1.75 would be fatal..

  2. ____ says:

    @Paul Kirkland
    it is per mill (‰)

  3. Nuno says:

    I believe they may have the same as here in Portugal which is “grams per liter of blood”. It seems less intuitive than that American measure, but I believe (depending on the person) only over 4.0 it may be lethal. The legal limit in Portugal is 0.5 g/l and I’ve read somewhere that it is the same in Denmark. Notice also that we had a member of parliament (!) caught with 2.4 a couple months ago (the highest I’ve seen was around 3.3), so 1.75 still isn’t fatal.

  4. hachel says:

    It’s measured in per mil, meaning 1,75 per mil is 0,175 per cent, whilest your 0,08 per cent would be 0,8 per mil, roughly half of Bendtners level.

  5. hachel says:

    according to wikipedia you are not allowed to drive anymore in denmark from 0,5 per mil upwords

  6. bob says:

    1.75 certainly isn’t fatal, but Bendtner must’ve been shitfaced

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