Hallelujah And Glory Be, The 2014/15 A-League Bloopers Are Finally Upon Us! (Video)

Chris Wright

20th, May 2015


By Chris Wright

It’s A-League blooper time folks, and this year’s crop is as spectacular as ever. What a league. What a country.

And yes, the 2014/15 gag reel does feature the 84-year-old Australian FA chairman chucking himself off stage. No need to worry…

They truly never fail to amaze us. 15 minutes of pure, unfettered ineptitude!

Why not trawl through Pies’ A-League blooper archives? You will not be disappointed…


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  1. Murray says:

    In case anybody doesn’t like the soundtrack to these vids, I’ve learned in previous years that Mozart’s Requiem and Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” always synch extremely well.

  2. Jarren says:

    @Murray: Haha, I was just about to say that this sho’ has a funky soundtrack!

    I’m sure Moonlight Sonata would add a certain poignancy to the tragedy though.

  3. Hugh Jaas says:

    Awesomely funny. I always look forward to the A-League blooper reel. I hope the punters don’t have to pay too much for tickets to watch exciting football, although the comedy value would definately be worth it.

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