Leicester City Fans Record New Unofficial Club Anthem And It’s Really Quite Bad (Video)

Chris Wright

24th, April 2016

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By Joseph Viney


Leicester City may be on unfamiliar ground as they hurtle toward their first Premier League title, but their fans appear to have grasped the old traditions quite well after some of their number have released a truly awful unofficial ‘anthem’.

“Were (sic) The Blues” is the creation of local lads known as Jobber and Winks – collectively dubbed The Fox Men – and is another milestone in the long and winding path of terrible football songs.

To put it lightly, the song is not as fluid and fast as the team it pays homage to. Grammatically incorrect title aside, it also manages to attempt to rhyme “Blues” with “rules” in its opening couplet. Later on they rhyme “punt” with “want”, bypassing a more fitting word entirely.

With its midi-style brass section and uninspiring military marching drums, the song becomes endearing in the way that you’d offer a three-legged dog sympathy.

We suppose you can probably forgive Foxes’ fans for their enthusiasm. Underneath the natty track and its awkward video of fans being ambushed with a camera and having to mug and wave, lies a very real labour of love and passion by fans who have had their love of the game reignited in this topsy-turvy season.

Still, it hasn’t stopped the usual cavalcade of cynics on social media having their say…

Given the situation, we’re obliged to give them a pass this time.